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I can't explain it, but the folksy duet sound has had a certain appeal lately...I hope it's the artists...someone shoot me if I start posting Liberace tunes.

And one from the Texas scene.

Been listening to a lot of Chuck Ragan's(Hot Water Music,Rumbleseat) solo stuff the last few month's and get more and more into it.

Damn good stuff from a fellow fly angler and all around good dude.

[quote="Heero[CntRmbrPwd]"]Yeah, still great.


They reunited for a tour in the last couple of years and still kick ass.

I saw them a lot in Athens back in the day. Its so hard to believe the music that Jacksonville, Florida or all places used to produce somehow. Fucking awesome shows.
D-nymph wrote: Les Claypool is a freak, obviously.
Flypoler, too. We need to get him to come to a Bake... :smile
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