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Really digging these guys since they came to the Mountain...


Friday comic relief.

Trivia Question: What was the original title of this thread?


Jeff tweedy is still a douche bag[/quote]

10 points for the man in the neoprenes

Hillbilly beatbox

[quote="fatman"]Hillbilly beatbox


Obviously you're a racist for not posting up any black bluegrass artist.

In the name of equality

I haven't been fishing.... no posting, not even much lurking (too depressing to see people fishing )....

Hey, was there another music thread, of random music? (I know of the secret Reggae thread of course), but I thought at one point there was a music thread of any type of music...., rock on.... anyhow, maybe this one belongs here (reminds me of John Prine ).... No idea how I stumbled on this song.

This is Cuban Country music, old school ... recently got exposed to it, I love it...

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