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I seen wilco a couple times and I think Tweedy is fantastic. Great stage banter. And the songwriting - Who can argue with Wilco songs? Apparently flyphisher.

I agree Sky Blue Sky is overly mellow. But at the right time and place, it works. There is nothing easy-listening about A Ghost is Born or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, however. These are smart pop records that are incredibly well-produced. The Neil Young-style guitar work on A Ghost... is addictive. The solos and frills are perfectly placed. Those two albums get replayed alot around here.

As for uncle tupelo. It's really good bar-rock, but there're alot of decent bar-rock bands. I see Wilco a an improvement over UT, which I do like quite a bit.

Son Volt... Someone school me on where I should start with these guys.
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Good band, although much more on the bluegrass, super hick country, is Old Crow Medicine Show. They almost sound like an old recording from the 50's...really good. Check them out. Lo-Fi
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By jerome
Summer Teeth was the album that kinda turned me off wilco... i really sky blue sky though... I think tweedy is a genius in many ways also.... kinda meant this tongue in cheek... Maybe the fact that Son Volt came to athens alot and got some airtime here when i was younger could be the reason i am partial to UT and Son Volt. Didnt hear Wilco ever hear that i remember...

Dig some old crow myself, red... Ever hear BlueGround UnderGrass? they were unreal..... but true hippie grass was really Old and in the Way... :cool
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By Bruiser
[quote="FlyPhisher"]but true hippie grass was really Old and in the Way... :cool[/quote]

Strength in Numbers

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By Bruiser
Ahh shit I can't resist. These guys just blew me away.

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By jerome
:bow :bow :bow sam bush is the man... as is jerry douglas
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Interesting seeing these bands. I am a disciple of Slayer, Fu Manchu, and Black Sabbath. I have gotten into this stuff in the last 4-5 years as I mellow with age. I am still a noob when it comes to Bluegrass/alt-country. I have to admit though, I don't see the thing with Waylan Jennings....just don't.
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By jerome
the Nashville Rebel album was probably Waylon's best and easier to relate to for people our age i think... have to hear it before you can get his other stuff... I am a bigger Merle Haggard,Jerry Jeff Walker,billy joe shaver, Wille fan myself etc... but Waylon had some good stuff...
Yeah man Tony Rice now we're talking.

This is now the unlimited bluegrass/alt country/blah blah blah thread.

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