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By Obie
If plunging into a deep wet hole to impress a 17 year old boy isn't the Alabama version of Death in Venice, I guess I don't understand art.
By Carpcrusha
Where do you fish Obie? Not asking about wet or dry holes you frequent but the story was meant to be about making do where there are few trout options. My bag is carp, and when I get that bag I flip it and tumble it (Gucci). But trout are nostalgic bc life has interceded, made it hard to travel. You grasp? Or you need a more robust taxonomy?
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By CarelessEthiopian
Carpcrusha wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:35 pm Signing off...
Half a dozen posts ago.

Jed wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:53 pm Someone puts up a post that took time and effort and tells an interesting story and all you can say is "tits of gtfo"
Time and effort? You know about that?
You put the least amount of effort into your TRs by anyone, ever.
2 shitty pictures of nothing and a lame paragraph. Every time.
That rod review was really something, though.

fishskibum wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:33 pm google ice spiders yeah im a pro motion picture actor
I'm a little upset that I didn't know about this.
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By fishskibum
well no im a helper jed
the verbiages didn't speak to me personally and it wasn't like I was warmly welcomed I guess its comin up on a decade now
but if bros gonna throw down poopfish stokes he can sit at my fire
even if I think hes babbling a bit
here ya goes
shoud bout cover that need
carry on with whateverz
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By pbrstreetgang
Jed wrote: Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:53 pm Someone puts up a post that took time and effort and tells an interesting story and all you can say is "tits of gtfo"
You're right. Everyone new who posts here should get a Drake trophy from now on.
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By fishskibum
mine better have a gold snowflake on it
cause im the best skier
ya roos google that cinematic classic
took almost 2 years to git paid $200 for a day of movie staring and if it wernt for a maggot lawyer i doubt we would of
i did git an extra Benji for gittin the bro ski model product placement in there
you know its a
By Carpcrusha
As my boys in the wu tang clan would say, “welcome to the gravel pit,” because this forum is rock bottom. Too much blah. Jed is the only one of you that has said anything true
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By fishskibum
wutang clans yur bois ?like in da hood ?
is they like the roots cept more than twice the crew
and less than 1/2 the talent?
aint that true
yur thread crusher im just axin

keep runnin with the ball punter
i got faith your gonna score
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