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By TX.
So to preface for those that don't know me, my wife and I have been trekking around Central America for the last four years looking for a possible We have just spent the last month in Panama which to date is the most breathtaking country we've experienced. Yeah, it's pretty much a shithole third world country, but Panama City in itself is mind blowing, as far as large third world cities. It reminded me of NYC x 10...but that wasn't why we were here. It was everything but that.
I haven't had the chance to go through my photos yet, but basically we have found our next and hopefully last home.
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Yeah, pretty much the whole island.
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By Lando
Guests plural or one Kyle.
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By fly-chucker
Looks like the dock is in. :cool
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By pbrstreetgang
Man - that is a different Panama compared to what I saw.

Mine was destroyed buildings, hovels, and moms trying to sell their daughters for $10. Oh, and Panama "beer"...

Your version seems a bit better. Got sandbags?
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By woolly bugger
well played!
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