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By Campnut
who watches Anthony Bourdains "NO Reservations" on the travel channel? gotta be the coolest show on television! The entire storyline is traveling around the world, eating drinking and smoking the best stuff on the planet.... a must see! set your DVR so you dont miss an episode! he just did Iceland and was drinking a bottle of Black Death in a cave somewhere in iceland during a blizzard.....
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By shutupandfish
Good show. The other TC show starring that Pugsley-looking guy eating flash fried guinea pigs and donkey balls won't go the distance. He's a 1-trick pony compared to Bourdain, who is funny and can write. Anyone can be a stunt eater or general asshole. See cast of Jackass.

[I forgot to mention the recent President's Day NO RESERVATIONS marathon was one of the better days of extended exposure to the radiation emanating from my boob box.]
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By Ajax
Read his books. Start with Kitchen Confidential. You'll laugh your balls raw, and learn a scary thing or two about the restaurant business.
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By Sugarbush
I watch Bourdain all the time. He is a cig smoken, beer drinkin good food eatin mad man.

Best episode was the one when he went back to Les Halles the restaurant in NY he came from.

They beat him like a drum.
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By Campnut
yeah, he got abused bigtime! the Ireland episode was AWESOME! probably why i bought the guiness today.... he drank so many pints in that episode i caught a buzz!
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By Plow
I'm a big fan... Ditto on "Kitchen Confidential", especially if you ever worked in kitchens. Food network is also re-running "Cooks Tour". Good but NR wins hands down.
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By Campnut
He makes Azimmr look like a big fat pussy! he was eating that dorian like it was caviar and zim gagged on it twice in two different e[pisodes.... but nothing beats the tours of the bars and nightlife! the New orleans episode was also another must see!
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By Spudnik
Wrong thread, boys...

See "Good Friday Gay Confessions"

Ah Im just busting balls... I watch this show and "Iron Chef" every chance I get.
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By Plow
Campnut wrote:... the New orleans episode was also another must see!
He and Emeril together was a tad awkward.
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