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By Yard Sale
Whatcha got? New gear used once and back in the box? Shit given to you you didn't even use? Crap you wouldn't even give to campnutz?

I'm a cheap ass bastard so I don't have much. Probably the worst was when I got a used Sage XP 8wt and needed a line for it. Guy at THE fly shop "hooked me up" with the Sage quiet line for half price. At $25 it is still the worst deal I've done. I've got sink lines that float better, bungee cord that cast smoother, and shooting heads that mend better. Two days on the river and back in the box.......but that fucking 2 piece xp is the sweetest thing I've ever had....

So rant on.......
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Bought a 11 wt xi2 after falling in love with my 10wt xi2. The 11wt xi2 is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Complete total waste of money! So bad I gave it away...couldn't sell it.
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By Wingnut
WhOrvis TLS Powermatrix bullshit rod, stiff as a broom and I broke three just fishing them, one time I was just pulling the line back through the giulds after netting a fish and Snap. Now my Scott's can really lay it down.
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By Veetch
The SA/CF Designs waterproof fly box. I took it to Los Roques and put my digi camera in it while wading a deep flat for permit..... Lets just say there are no "Friday Cheer Through Pics" of sickle tails from that trip due to O-ring failure. They replaced the box, but were unable to replace pics of a 35 pound permit.

LTD - Thanks for the heads up on the 11wt. Xi2
By ephemera
Orvis 9ft 4wt Power Matrix. 9.5 tip flex my ass. Bought it for small meadow streams out west too bad it is too limp to cast a size 18 PMD let alone a large foam ant. It has been passed down to my 11 year old nephew who uses it to fish for bluegill, Hopefully he breaks it.
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By Spudnik
anything with fuckin zingers on it.

I second the waterproof C&F box as well. As for the Sage Quiet Taper... clean the fuckin thing. Yeah, the line sucks... but it should float for at least a few trips.

and ephemera, I think I missed your Boobs and Pie. Plus, I was out there this weekend putting a hurtin' on your fish, which are still sippin midges to my dismay. I was hopin' they'd be on quills or 'dicksons by now, but no such luck.
A good while back I bought a Loomis GL3 8-weight..cast beautifully, shattered even more spectacularly. After the second repair/replacement I was able to sell it. Prompted a very successful switch to Sage...
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By Bruiser
1. Ronny Waders

2. Fishpond "tippet dispenser" -that one was a gift but what a POS.
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By Nemeth
The 3 pairs of orvis waders I had before I bought my Simms, I believe it was the second pair that leaked right out of the box, fucking junk.
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