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By FredA
Those damn blue Fishpond Aussie nippers. One week in AK and they were done. Fuckin blade fell out of the "durable plastic" holder. Got mine free with some other Fishpond gear I bought but damn... they charge $8.95 for that crap.
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Bear River Boomer wrote: Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:35 pm
Stormcrow wrote:I have sent my ORVIS waders back three times and the dang this leak every time the return them.

I would suggest returning your keyboard, it seems to input different letters than the letter the keys display.
I still laugh at the thought of this post on a monthly basis. It ranks up there with some of the most perfect things ever written on the internet.
everything I've bought from sepps has been fucking awesome and I still have it.
I don't buy from cabela's or whorvis.

you're all still cunts, mind.
we make better slippers. even april moved here from fucking canadia.

eat shit.
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