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double edge razors all the way. to work with them grab the center edge with a pair of pliers and fold it over on a flat table surface and snap the connecting piece. turn it around and snap off the other end. this way you have two blades and no cuts. btw these things are getting tougher to find so stock up when you can. i use a razor from the start you just need to keep an eye on the hook shank to keep from going too far. if you push the blade it will have a tendancy to dig in if you push forward and slice at the same time you can use way less pressure and control the amount of shave better. you should also not be spinning on the bare shank. this is key to keeping them tight. it is impossible to pack them really tight with a bare hook as the hair will creep back after you pack it. they will also loosen up considerably when they get wet. don't use the gsp for the hook shank either. i use a base of uni thread for the shank which i wrap forward after tying in the tails. whip off the uni, start the gsp and stack away. now if you really want to get silly try some of this. by far my favorite flies to tie and to be honest i learned by tying them commercially for years, which i do not recommend to anyone, stay in school and get a real job. Image Image Image
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By Adams
Ditto what Ginseng said on breaking the blades in half. Split them up, you can do less damage that way. I skip the scissors, and do the trimming with just the blade. Deer hair is hell on scissors. I'd rather toss a cheap razor than try and sharpen a scissors. I get much more consistent shapes with the blade anyway. A sharp blade is pretty easy to control.I saw someone bending a blade around a drill bit to get a nice, tight trimmed head for salmon flies. Interesting idea -- but I'll stick to bullet heads or foam. Adams
Don't waste your cash on that watershed shit.....Go to wally world or an auto parts store and get a bottle (HUGE ASS Thing) of RainX...It's the same damn stuff and for 12 bucks you get a double lifetime supply...Also try Beaver Dubbibng or rabbit that plastic shit will never be as good as the real deal!
By slenon
And try this money saveing tip go to your local archery shop and get "Feather-Dri" for feather fletched arrows its the same as Frogsfanny at about a tenth of the price :roll:
While were on the subject, does anyone know of a good pattern for this beast? (hexagenia) Found em' on my dock this morning, I know shit starts happening on the brule when these babies start going. Figured I'd tie some up and see if anything was happening monday night. Imagethen I fed it to my fish.. (don't worry I got rock in there now) Image
mmm, avatar test...
blahr.. I fucking resized this thing to like 100 pix.. but I dunno cOMPusters are stupid.. "Where is the inernets button on this fucker"-

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By TX.
Here Flex: Image

Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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