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FF shows are lame anyway.I second that notion.Went to Pa Outdoor Show at Harrisburg for the first & last time last year...Too much Pimpin for me..n I really don't give a shit about the latest greatest gizmo for sale and I don't get wood by looking at the new Whorvis Anti-Gravity Rod either.Guess I don't get cabin fever - I fish all winter.
This seems to happen fairly regularly in the [/img]ndustry". In three years, after two years of crappy attendance one of these will move their dates, stop their convention, or the two will big deal.
I've only been to a few FF shows, but I think they are like a Giant Fly shop where you can fuck around and see people and drink and stuff.S
Very well written article Nemo. It will be interesting to see how this shit pans out. I have worked on and off at Chuck and Barry’s Fly Fishing Shows for about 10 years now, and while this is just my opinion, they don’t seem to have the best interest of the sport in mind. It seems that their primary concern is making a buck. Something that is hard to hold against them when you consider that they are businessmen like anybody else. However, It would be cool to see a show that does have the best interest of the sport in mind. I hope the AAFTA succeeds. Chuck and Barry will not make it easy for them.
The bummer of the whole brouhaha is that fishing is almost entirely left out of it, or lost (actually that could be a good thing in this case). You could substitute "Concrete & Aggregate Products" for "Fly Fishing" in that article and it could go largely unchanged, except for the first and last grafs. Kinda depressing.I'd probably feel differently if I were an [/img]ndustry type", but damn I hope not.
How about substituting it with "Adult Entertainment Industry?" Would it work then? Maybe I'll post it on one of those sites and see if anyone can tell the difference. If only I could find one of those sites... Anyone? Anyone? Buhler? Anyone?
I don't know about substituting but if you combine the two, now that would be something. Next year's show product of the year - assless waders.
I will probably do what most people do: see who will be at which show, and pick the one that looks best. After a few seasons of that, one or the other will either move its date or go belly up. I am still leaning toward the Fly Fishing Show because it is easier to get to. On top of that, it sucks that the new show intentionally picked a weekend that was already spoken for. If they had picked an open weekend, they would get higher attendance, so it is pretty obvious that they are trying to run the other show out of business.In the end, it all depends on which exhibitors bolt for the new show, and how many. That's what I think the new show is counting on. What sucks about this whole arrangement is that if the shows were on different weekends, I would probably go to both, and there will be some things I will miss by choosing one over the other. I found out how cutthroat this whole thing was last year when I saw a friend at the Fly Fishing Show who told me he was breaking the rules a little because he was an exhibitor at the ISE show later in the month and had been told not to attend any "competing" shows.

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