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Well done Nemo. I went to the Masshole one this year and found it rather unremarkable. I did meet a little known author named Bob Romano who was a real pleasure to chat about fly fishing with and got a chance to catch up with Fishy Fullum again after several years. Other than than that the most remarkable thing about the show was the hot Aussie chick trying to sell me a $300 fishing vest/jacket that had just short of a hundred pockets scattered around it. Exactly what I need, more pockets on my vest 'cause I don't carry too much shit already! It was interesting to see and there were some good deals on tying materials and trinkets, but I doubt I'll spend the time/money/energy to go back next year. I sorta feel like I've been there and done that, but no need to do it again.n It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and what the difference between the shows really is, if any.
Hope this doesn't come off as an advertisement. I don't make money off of this. In fact, I spend a lot more than I should. Anywho, it's a hell of a lot of fun and it's simply designed as a celebration of the sport and a gathering for saltwater fly-fishing enthusiasts. It's a little change of flavor from your typical fly-fishing event. Come down and join us.
"There just hasn't been a lot for consumers at those shows in recent years," says Jim Bartschi, an AFFTA board member and president of Scott Fly Rods. "The people attending deserve more than just walking the aisle looking at product."
At $15 entrance fee I certainly hope there's more than just prowling the aisles looking for something to buy.I worked the INt'l Sportsmen Expos and the FFF Conclaves for many years and watched attendance at each ebb and flow. I agree the organizers need to put on something different, creative to keep the attention. When the shows start to repeat themselves year after year the attendance naturally drops off. All the shows here in the Bay area have lost significant attendance in the last 4 - 5 years. The San Mateo Expo was one of the largest but now really sucks. And it's a self-sustaining downward spiral because once the attendance drops, the number of manufacturers opting to plop down the booth fees drops and so fewer want to go etc etc etc. I would'nt be surprised the shows here in the Bay area die out completely for a couple years.I think your message about coincidental shows not helping the issue is sound. I think you could strengthen the point that the organizers need to take a long hard look at exactly why they want to run these shows. If it's for the money, they better figure out what their customers want to see and in my opinion, that's the latest gear, 'how-to' classes, and opportunities to find good deals. But then I wouldn't pay $15 to see any FF show so I'm probably not a good one to ask.PS: Typo in the 3rd to last paragraph - the one referencing the Broncos not making the play offs. Might want to fix that if you send this in.
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