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By Reef Runner
Happy for Big Timber- only hope it will be that good when we are down there soon!!!
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By BigTimber
Reef Runner wrote:Happy for Big Timber- only hope it will be that good when we are down there soon!!!
It will. Many thanks to LTD for a great trip. I couldn't have done anything without him. I hate to think what a terrible angler I'd be in the hands of a lesser guide. I left a few for you, Reef. But, how bad could it be, you'll be fishing with April fer chrisesakes! Have fun! And for the record, I didn't trout set once. I fucked up other things, but that wasn't one of them. Give LTD a good show!
By get er done
damn just have to love these fish. definitely still one of the fish that still gets shaking a bit.

Nice work LTD. I thought you only knew how to permit fish now that you are world renowned and shit?
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Thanks for the kind words Timber!

Get er.......I will be making a phone call looking to lock us in for the July event. Still in right? TTY soon!
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Nice guys that gets me all jazzed up. LTD I just booked my ticket today :smile One questions though, can I musky set?
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By The Volfish

Take a seat and let the lady fish. Document, document, document.
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By BigTimber
bump for lando......and who let this fucker drop to page 4???? Come on salt guys. guess your too busy fishing while all the trout weenies are whining about high water and bitching on the internets.
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By Lando
The one of you having the smoke says it all.

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By Reef Runner
word. about 3 weeks til tee time.
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By Wannabee
how about 3 days til some local salt, cooter style?
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By blumpkin
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By BearsFan
[report]Photo and guiding credit to hmaadd29
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