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Looking forward to the picks from the upcoming days.......Tell that little shit that will be on the boat he best get it done! No excuses........wish I could be there!
By Dormitatormaculatus
Nice! If you stay near NOLA and want to grab a beer or need someone to push pole or want to borrow my 10 wt. let me know! :cool
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By BearsFan
Good stuff bud! Excellent photos to boot. Getting itchy to get over there...
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By TX.
Awesome photogs.
Crazy how even when a red is out of the water for a popper (badass pic BTW) his eyes are still looking down.
Tip on the Gurglers, underwrap the shank w/ unwaxed thread, the body won't roll on you...until the foam is gone anyway. :cool
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By General
[report]I don't have enough artsy photos or good food pics to make a quality TR but I do have a pretty good capture to share. Forgive the hero shot but it was my biggest red ever...

A pic my buddy shot while I was fighting the fish

Changed flies 3 times in about 10 minutes...this one got it done.

~ General[/report]
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By BearsFan
I don't recognize that part of the marsh. Well done dude!
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By Redchaser
BearsFan wrote:I don't recognize that part of the marsh. Well done dude!

I'm guessing the goon. Don't see many mangroves that big around these parts.
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By NeedmoreDEET
That fish is alright :cool Congratulations!
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By Plow
Only difference between a NOAA forecast and a Mayan forecast is about 5000 years.
Inca Forecast.png
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Well, maybe Saturday
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