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My sophomore year of college was 1991; I had become obsessed with flyfishing for the previous 2 years. I said fuck Tennessee & moved to Bozeman to go to MSU. I got there about 40 days before school started, and fished the Gallatin almost every day. This was BEFORE THE FUCKING MOVIE, mind you. In fact, they filmed THE MOVIE that semester while I was there; a couple MSU students were in it. Anyway, I had a Cortland 6-weight with a Cortland Rimfly reel (still have it). My smallest tippet was 3X. I fished dries only, but only because I had never fished nymphs & had never learned how. I fished mostly Wulffs, Dave's Hoppers, & Renegades. I caught about 40 fish per day. I remember about halfway through the semester my roommate's dad came out to fish/hunt for a week, & took me to DePuy's. I had to go buy some 4X, and he loaned me some 5X; I still threw my 6-weight. I thought the 5X was TINY!

This fish was from the Madison; caught him on an AuSable Wulff, on 3X.

Anyway I spent a couple semesters & several summers exploring SW Montana. I eventually fished nymphs (& then streamers), grew up (some), married & had kids, & became a guide, after moving back to Tennessee. But I wouldn't trade those Montana times for anything.
This thread is not so much reflective of the magazine that finally came yesterday.

The articles are not egotistical
The photographs are excellent, but not do not look composed (synthetic)
There was an Big Agnes ad. (what! camp in the woods/wheres my lodge)
Beautiful chick page 6
Fishing treated as a quite privilege, as opposed to the latest greatest mentality
There is content
You don't have to be a self-absorbed professional writer, just somebody who is real and can- write as will as they fish.
1% for the planet member
Knows what is going on in the community because they are apart of it, not just reporting on it
It's fucking cool.
Salmotrutta wrote:You people need to be punched in the fuck. I'm not violent, just sayin' you need to be punched in the fuck. :coffee
or shit stabbed in the fuck....

I don't remember who said this, but as I made my way through security at the airport, I couldn't help but mumble this as I watched moron after moron have his bag searched because he didn't put it in the quart sized ziploc.
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