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By Fishlore
Got hitched and hopped a plane to KW.. I could only afford one day out and
i could'nt take a chance at ruining our trip with me up everyday looking for fish without a boat.

1st night already sloppy.

The skiff ride was pretty damn sweet..

Being my first time on the flats i sucked..After 3 hours of blowing out shots at bones i got the feel for it..I got 3 eats and put one in the boat..
hooked up
Thank god for some salt porn..

My main goal was to target some poons but...My guide said with the way the season was going i definitely wanted to go after the bones...??
I've never seen Will Benson on this board, but i owe him a big thanks...
Will randomly pulled up beside me at a gas station..I guess he was gettin ready to get in the water..I introduced myself, and he was definitely the nicest guide i met in key west.. He gave me some great info...With about a 3 hour window i got to jump a little poon...Those little bastidges spit hooks like whoa!!!I never got any pics but i'm sitting here booking my next trip...

very very addictive..
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Congrats on the fish bad ass honey moon spot. Hope your wife knows what shes doin marrying a fisherman.
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By General Jack Ripper
bones and boning, way to go!

Now why don't you just take it easy, Group Captain, and please make me a drink of grain alcohol and rainwater, and help yourself to whatever you'd like.
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By Fishlore
BearGoneFishing wrote:Congrats on the fish bad ass honey moon spot. Hope your wife knows what shes doin marrying a fisherman.

She loves it...We wrapped her up and threw her in the boat...
The very tops of her ears were burnt crispy..
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Haha. Nice, she get to hook up with any.
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By Fishlore
she had her chance but she got freaked out with the 10\12\9\11\3 O'CLOCK ...
HOLYSHIT HE JUST ATE IT!!!!!! She did'nt like the pressure...
She was trippin over the huge lemon sharks swimming around the boat...
She had a blast though...
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By Ty Webb
nice job...if she went along for the ride that's a very good sign....
Congrats on the nuptials...
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By formerguide
First bonefish to the boat- congrats!

First wife- condolences...

Nah, good times- my wife hasn't been fishing since about 6 months before we got married 9 years ago...
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