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KW....honeymoon! Congrats Fishlore! Glad to hear you had a great time. Get that skiff quick while the positive vibs are still flowing. :smile
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By m.b.
Fishlore wrote:I appreciate the congrats from everyone..We are pretty stoked about the wedding...I'm wanting something used, small, stealthy and affordable but i dont want a POS either...I could'nt make an offer right this sec but if he put's it up for sale and has some pics to see that would be cool...I wanna buy it from someone i trust and i trust the salters on this board...
check your inbox.
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By Rhyacophila
Always nice to find a bride that will tolerate (and even enjoy) bein out on the water.
By Gandalf
Fishlore wrote:Image
Good lookin' woman you got there padre. :cheer :cheer I do weddings, you should've hooked a homie up, I need the cash. :vomit :smile


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By jerome
good to see it all went well, dude.... :cool
By wvangler
If you pulled that trip off for a honeymoon you'll be okay. That was pretty much a giant "I'm an angler and you're not interfering with that" stamp on the marriage.
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