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By Kylemc
thatswhatshesaid wrote:
monkey brains wrote:nice snook.

It's a fuckn Gar... toolshed.
By wvangler
That deserves some serious bumpage. Way to be. That's an accomplishment. I've got world class musky rivers all around me and have yet to throw the first fly to them. That needs to change.
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By kngbkwht
I fish for them right here in town and yes I caught it from shore right below a spillway. I swore of the gear fishing until I got one on the fly, now I think i'll just swear off gear for the rest of the summer. With gas at 4$ you can't beat walking to the river, heck I might even give them carps a try some day. What sucks is now I gotta start the count all over, kinda like that "99 bottles of beer on the wall song"
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By AftonAngler
Nice fish and congrats!

Only thing harder than getting a muskie on a fly is to get a picture of a muskie on a fly...

Spillways and muskie...just like peanuts and beer.

Those devils can get pretty fired up in the foam...great place to bang a big'n'nasty bug into and hang-on!

That snout scar is very typical of fish we catch around the small dams up here in Northern Wisco...when I was first looking at your images I thought...well good for knqbkwht, hoss has got hisself a little honey hole full o sharks down near the spillway...

Then I saw the full-lenght shot and was like...dar is da slab laying on da slab...yessir

And then read down and sure enough - you sing it out like a birdy about catching it below the spillway...

Muskie is a muskie north or south.

Again - congrats and keep at it...hoping to see more!
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By Bobwhite
Awful nice fish... way to go!

The shots are killer too... those eyes...
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