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By Darth Wader
Finally, a good thread on the Drake. Awesome work guys.
By LeeO
Thanks again.

I forgot to snap any pics of planing 0.030" over but planing the final taper is the the same deal.

First, the forms are set at 5" intervals to whatever depth I need for half the rod's taper diameter - measured flat-to-flat.

Planing is simply planing down to the depth of the form groove. I am not at all gentle on my forms and have a kickass Hock Cryo iron, so I plane right down to the steel - thus, the gouges and knicks.

Planing is actually only done on two sides of the strips. The enamel side is never planed - that is where the power fibers live.

I check my angles with a center gauge as needed

By wvangler
Why retirement age? I started when I was 26. Now I'm 30. I'll have a lot of kick ass rods before I'm retired. Go for it. It isn't that hard.

Good job on the pics Lee.
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By Yard Sale
Buildin Boo while drinking High Lifes, LeeO you are one well rounded motherfuker.
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By Mr. Don
Is this the Suck? This appears to be a quality thread? WTF? :cheer
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By Nemeth
Outstanding LeeO, outstanding........
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