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By shunned
this is the mutt's nuts.
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By Bruiser
Articulated Trico wrote:Almost as cool as seeing a wall of smoke on stage. Joey Ramones hand reach out through the smoke and grab the mic and the band kick instantly.
RIP Joey Ramone - thanks for that one AT.

Cool stuff LeeO!
By LeeO
Next is cutting the ends for the ferrules then glueing them on.

You'd think a 7' rod would be two 3.5' foot sections, but if you did that it would be about a 1/2" too short. So you have to do some measuring to get the sections the same length in two pieces apart that add up to 7' put together. The simple way is to add 1/2 the male slide length to the tip section and take away 1/2 on the female.




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By NeedmoreDEET
Great stuff. :cheer
By LeeO
Alright, I've turned the grip.

A shot while in progress.

Next guides:

I use these


To make these

The guide makers are pretty easy. I made three sets. You stick a piece of wire in, give them a twist, and presto a snake guide. It does take some cutting and hammering to get them just right.
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By TX.
Very nice.

What do you use for wire?

...I live on the "Cane" river...named for it's unique abundance in....well, cane....pondering.

Like I need another project/ hobby.

Fuckit, I'll just watch.
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