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By Wingnut
I think Will Ferrel's "Harry Carry" (sp) was one of, if not, the funniest things I have ever seen on SNL. I found myself watching just in case it would come on. That and the Jeopardey skits. :cool:

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By The Cape Fear Kid
My wife and I ate at Harry Carey's Steakhouse in Chicago, based solely on Will Ferrell's skits.Ferrell's Bohemian professor in the hot tub has to be my favorite all time skits.
By Brookwookie
Anything with Phil Hartman. I really like the skit with Dana Carvey as Ross Perot and Hartman as his VP candidate James Stockdale, where Perot takes Stockdale for a long drive in the country and then tries to ditch him. GRIDLOCK!n Image

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By capt_gordon
I still say, [/img] hate it when that happens."
By Rip
Bill Murray make me laugh just to look at him. He did lots of funny stuff over the years. A memorable one was when he came back to host and introduced Santa Claus in that quasi cool, phony way he has used so sucessfully.
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By eponymous
Two come to mind:1: Zinger vs. Burns. Baldwin is hilarious when he mimics starting a fire - "your burned!!!"2: Myers and Nicole Kidman (meowww)with Myers as the hyperactive kid with the helmet on chained to the jungle gym. classic. Image
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By Adams
The Czech Brothers, Samarai Tailor, and any Jeopardy episode with Connery on it. For commercials, does anyone remember the Happy Fun Ball?Adams
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By The Cape Fear Kid
Yeah..."do not taunt happy fun ball"...I still blurt that out randomly...usually after several Turbo Dogs with my brother...he's the only other dude I know who remembers hfb.what about this blast from the (not so) past...n "Thanks, Oops I Crapped My Pants!"
By Deerhawk
Bro Hammer,n That clip is hillarious :cool:
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By Ginseng Sullivan
one of my fav's is Belushi immitating Joe Cocker and rolling around on the stage while Joe looks on in obvious disgust. nothing like a pound of coke to get the funny juices running.

:smile :smile :smile

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