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By NoHumanityLeft
bender wrote:Not scared of anything now
Taronga Zoo last week

This is like Mary Poppins only with less bunnies and more crocodiles (or whatever the fuck that dinosaur thing is).
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By cabasturd
Thread started strong, went south, bounced back, then plunged again. Here's couple shots of mine to get it moving upward again.



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By Adams
Given recent events, I question the wisdom of posting a picture of my daughter. . . so we'll wear hats.
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By Bobwhite
Back on track... good stuff.

Just sayin'
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By Bobwhite
Tommy in her drift boat...
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By Adams
How good is she on the sticks, Bob?
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By Bobwhite
Since she can't loose the oars,

we cut her loose, out on the big slow water. It must be a sight to see her mom and me spinning in circles and trying to fish... she loves it.

I figure that if we get her started early, that when she gets to be a young woman, that all of the guys will be too intimidated to be a problem... all except, you know... guys like us.

Oh shit! Bad plan?
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