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By Ajax
Gratuitous Donny Beaver reference.
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By flymph
Salmotrutta wrote:Mitch- you're lucky. Hope she's getting the baby kg.'s off- if she had any.
Mine kept hers, I don' recommend it.
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badcop wrote:
RedFeatherAngler wrote:fucking convicts. Shunned has an open job offer to me, mainly because of my beer policy.....I may be taking him up on it.
You serious?
I wish. I would be if I wasn't married. I'd love to come down there.restless soul, I am.....
By Psycho Fisher
Lenny's Balls wrote:this thread makes me ashamed to have ever joined this place.....

exemplifies the i'm cool because i am an asshole online syndrome, along with the pathetic, mass leg-humping, and the same old played out everyone is wrong but me,blah,blah,blah bullshit... i fucking swear.... i used to come here to look at fish pics, laugh and look at thongs.... Now its just shit like this to wade through..... If i wanted a virtual circle jerk with obnoxious shitasses, I would go to the lodge.

that is all....

I would say that once a set of abnormally large testicles cannot find any amusement nor interest in his beloved Suck......its a sad fucking day.... hope you cocksuckers are happy with your achievements.
It's because the primary posters here are either insecure children or drunken liers or both. The drivel that comes out of the same mouths again and again amazes me. Mindless concauctions of the most repulsive interjections & rebuttles they can imagine, as they have nothing meaningful in life worthy of discussion, let alone the ability to act civily.

Juvenile primates (I hesitate to call them "people") that constantly reply with things like "show me your tits" or "you don't know shit" are so in control of the site that the few people here that actually know when they just made a wind-knot either don't care or don't dare speak.

If you came to the Drake to glean knowledge, you've be gravely mislead. :vomit
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By Kinni
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By Psycho Fisher
Heero wrote:One would think if you found this place so upsetting you would stay away. Yet here you are, unable to stay away. Huh.
I'm here because you're my hero. :bow :vomit
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