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By West Chester
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By West Chester
Ah... damn side bar adds they mess up all good things

I will make up my last failed photo attempt with this internet girl
By DayTripper
shunned wrote:fucking candiaians, always trying to spoil my good time...

fucking hell float, you aren't exactly tits on a bull, are ya mate?
You ever shagged a sheila that kinda looked like this?

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By FliesOnly
bass o matic.jpg
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By AmIkUsDuNn
If all I had to do is post some pics of myself in my bikini to skip the hazing, I would have started out with that from the beginning (just playin). I didn't think that this board was like that, I don't want to be treated different because I'm a girl, if I'm on here to talk about fishing, that's all I'm here for, if I wanted to be set up on a date, I'd be on some sort of deal. The only one that really makes pink line in the industry (or that I've seen promote it for breast cancer awareness) is Jim Teeny and his unusually gargantuan fish (photo shop is an amazing invention). I know that none of my girls is out on the river with pink reels and line, the mosquitos would eat us alive if we wore that outfit (Fake person or not.) Ya, I know I'm a newbie, which is why I've been scared shitless to really say much. My fishing weekend wasn't pulling up 50 fish, it's never been about that to me. If I catch 3 good sized fish on the Henry's Fork, I'm calling it a great day. If I present that fly just right, if I get that perfect drift, then I can say I earned catching that fish. I can however tell you exactly what fly I used on each fish and what was on the water at what time of the day, what the water flows and temps were, if that's what people are wanting to know, or maybe I'll start taking pics with my camera phone. You'll also never hear me saying that I'm a great fisherwoman, because I'm always going to be progressing, and have the mentally to grow in the art. (sorry, I'm starting to hear the wrap it up music in the back ground so I'm done)
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By Kinni
this guy is an asshat. i just talked to a friend who got an email from the girl he's posing as. she's in freakin tears over this, has no idea why someone would do this. she thinks with one of the pics only her and an ex have the pic. sounds like mr. ex is a fucking douchebag. if he wants to set something up, i'd be more than happy to travel and teach him some fucking manners. i also know the girl, she is a sweatheart that wouldn't hurt a fly, and gives to the resource like very few do. i really want to beat the shit out of this fuckwad.
By Brookwookie
AmIkUsDuNn wrote:Ya, I know I'm a newbie, which is why I've been scared shitless to really say much.
I think this sucks. Bemused? OK. Mildly nauseated? Understandable. Uninterested? Not the first. But the idea that this crew scares anybody is a bummer. Forget that.
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