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By Kinni
i dunno, i can't see him picking on an innocent chick like that. he may do something like that to someone he's had issues with, but why some random girl? the idea of a bitter ex is more plausible. and now he seems to have deleted the pics as well.
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By West Chester
Kinnickinick you seem to be getting really involved in this cunt hunt. Do you personal interest in this or just trying to be the nice guy to this lost lady??
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By jerome
Kinnickinick wrote:i dunno, i can't see him picking on an innocent chick like that. he may do something like that to someone he's had issues with, but why some random girl? the idea of a bitter ex is more plausible. and now he seems to have deleted the pics as well.
I wouldnt say they were picking on her.... just like others were not picking on the person in the pics..... They found pics of a cute flyfisher girl and decided to use her pics for whatver ruse they were trying to pull... I wouldnt say they were personally picking on the girl... Most times the person using the pics has no clue who the person they are ripping of is, i would say.
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By Ajax
This is the most fun that I've had since Great Grandfather ate his shotgun over on ODB. You gotta love the 'nets for these splendid 'WTF is going on here?' moments.
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By elmagneto
steelhyde wrote:Kinni -
Looked like that pic was taken at 'the hurry up river' right upstream from 465th. One of my favorite spots. Local girl?

Shame, shame.
I'm pretty dam local to the river you speak, and I've never seen her... and I would have noticed.
By Geezer
Brookwookie wrote:
AmIkUsDuNn wrote:Ya, I know I'm a newbie, which is why I've been scared shitless to really say much.
I think this sucks. Bemused? OK. Mildly nauseated? Understandable. Uninterested? Not the first. But the idea that this crew scares anybody is a bummer. Forget that.
No shit Wookie.
Salmotrutta wrote:More tits poor favor.

Then you have people like this mindless and truly pathetic adolescent that thinks he is being hidden and cute posting this kind of drivel. Makes for the reason that people that do have something to offer to this board are becoming fewer and fewer. Why drudge through mental masturbations like Salmo has been spouting.
By Gandalf
This is nothing; I've been online forever (Google me) and this is tame compared to the wild west days of yore.

/big sigh :gun :gun :cheer :cheer


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By jerome
Robin wrote:I have a great idea... How about we end this discussion board and move onto other things...
What a great first post.... End this discussion board??? you mean like end the whole thing.... Well how bout you just pretend it isnt here anymore....

Geezer, that is funny.... the random pics of nekkid ladies, the thong thread,and all the other bullshit etc.... doesnt have anything to do with it though?? its all salmo,etcs.. fault??? nice... funny how this recurrs on the boards over and fucking over, someone that has been there a little longer blames the newer crowd for ruining it..... who gives a shit, we havent disgusted BoB white and a few others.... and i would say he has alot more talent than these wanna-bes that some of us have supposed run off.. not sayin they cant write,etc... but damn if those fuckers dont give themselves alot of fucking credit and are taking themselves way too seriously to be a fucking nobody, tom mcguane wanna-be.... if you want to limit your audience... be my fucking guess. to all those whining, start your own forum, as many have done, beg/suck your way into a little cool online fishing cliques with its own secret forum, or look elsewhere.

Gandalf, are you really as proud as you seem to be of being a lengendary fucking web dork?????

If someone is a little scared of posting, Whats new... its always been that way here, thought that is why one lurked read back over the board. Evidently its gotten pretty laid back or something, because their continues to be an onslaught of just plain shit streaming in. Most seem dead set on ruining the nice little escape many of us had here or we have to listen to others bitch about how the other have fucked it up..... Getting old.

and many of you will be glad to know that since i am not getting to fish much that my interest in this board and others is really dying... so i will not continue to pollute your little corners of cyberspace with my drivel much longer.

go to hell, fuck off, go fuck yourself, eat shit, etc, etc......

that is all...
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