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By The Cape Fear Kid
By chuffer
RevolutionaryThe product of decades of research to make the best even better.
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By Pat
walking across the pasture, after a day on the hunt for the weary and often mythical brook trout. he held is rod low, the loose line swaying from side to side with every step he took. it had been a long day but a successful one. moving further and further way from the stream that he loved so dearly, he watched a hawk drift across the sky effortlessly as though the hands of god was pushing him along. a common sight, but a magnificent one nonetheless. he took another puff of the fine hand rolled cigar he had been smoking since calling it a day on the edges of the river giving no thought to the talented hands that had tolled it thousands of miles away.continuing his walk, and following the hawk with his eyes, taking what would be his biggest misstep of the day, he felt the strange, but familiar feeling of one of the leavings from one of the cows nearby. yes, he had steeped in it.

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steeped is another one for my quiver. one must always have a loaded quiver.n (i guess it isn't really fancy, but I chuckled when I heard in relation to multiple strategies)

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By Nemo
with mountains LOOMING, where wildlife ABOUNDS, and your 9-million-dollar, Orvis-endorsed, Cabela's marketed, Big Sky Journal-listed ranch sits NESTLED, riverside, among the evergreens.
By chuffer
I think a new banner ad for the Drake on the Drake will need to be pulled from this thread. Something like:The Drake - A revolutionary and unprecedented approach to fishing literature. Steeped in the tradition of the past, yet grounded in the world of the world of the modern, technologically advanced trout bum. The Drake looms over your newsstand with unparalleled excitement and unequaled sensitivity. Simply put, the best magazine ever made. The Drake, for those who fish. Sort of.

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By Geezer
Where only the toughest survive. When only the best will do.
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