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By PbSlinger
GnG...What kind of camera do you use? Your photos look great! I've been fishing that water for the last 25 yrs. Top knotch everyone. A buddy and I were up there this past Wed-Sun morning. I'll get a report up soon.
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Great report. :bow Looks like yall had a good time. That looks to be some beautiful country out there.

Don't know why you gave a plainsman :vomit a grip-n-grin, I guess you felt bad for him. I too feel bad for those guys some times.
By wvangler
Awesome. Y'all had the bake about a month too early. I'll be fishing for them graylins on the end of August with my pal germanbrown and another friend and couldn't be more stoked about it. More hillbilly invasions on Colorado are in the works gentlemen. Brace yourselves.
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