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By shunned

we need four.

maybe five if Mcfisto pulls his finger out...

disclaimer: we've tried to get in contact with those Montana bastards for the last fortnight but I reckon they think we're fucking them about.
and I refuse to pay some Sydney twat $500 per vessel to import them.
I fucking hate Sydney, don't go there... it's shithouse.
I can help you out... I ship all over the world. Can't you just pay for them and have the company ship them?
Of course its bloody complicated, mate.....

Mitch is having them all stuffed with all sorts various contraband before shipment...

drugs, sex slaves, midgets, beanie babies, KY jelly,etc......

and wants it all to look like you are to blame.....

you cant trust an Austrian nor a wombat....

and the drop bears are sneaky bastards, also....

Fair dinkum, mate....... :coffee
fucked 'em off in favour of the Kiwi's Water Strider.

I'm also disappointed to find out Water Masters are now made in China but they don't match the price with the 85% savings they made in production.

fucking sell out bastards.

hey looky here... speaking of sell out....clackacraft, what a fucking stoopid ad.
10% of fishermen use trawlers and nets.

cheers for the offers of help to those who did.
Tell ya what. You send me %90 of the cash you are spending on the rubber rafts and I'll send you a trawler net.
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