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By Kyner
Looks like some real nice water - thanks for posting.
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By West Chester
Cool looking fish. Like the orange under his jaw.
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By Oldog
very nice
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By Ramcatt
nice pics! purdy water
love that little bow
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By Bruiser
You have some great country and fishing in that state. Thanks for posting. I guess you didn't crush any snapping turtles.
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By Bobwhite
Nice post... thank you.

The water reminds me of a place that's very special to me... one that I hadn't thought of it in a long while, and it was nice to go back. 'much appreciated.

Bob W
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my favorite kind of fishing right there...remote lil' creeks for cutts :cool
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By Outcast
Good deal. We could prolly do without the pics of the signs. Know whut I mean?
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By shunned
nice one.

looks a bit like Austria except for the trees...
and the cutties...
and the horribly disfigured man.

never mind.
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By Sewer Trout
I love it when people pimp out small creeks, my family from Kansas LOVES trout.
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