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By Hogleg
I loves me some Dibs.
By Carpcrusha
Feeling truly humbled by the behometh poop fish I just saw on this thread.
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By fishskibum
aint much sense in throwin at the little ones
actually hellen kellered that slob tossing line to get it back into my ghetto strippin bucket and never woulda landed it had it not made its 1st run away from timber

well allow me to hot spot with sumthin i found interesting ... fullpage=1
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By fishskibum
went backs to a windy city for ma's 75th
i shouda brought a stick
actually i was hopin captains smurf turf the tailing pizzapermit kook was gonna step up and hook a brutha up and gits me on my teenage home waters
yeah right
waked n baked the river every morn saw one poopers
tucked into a scumline that may or may not contain poop
my bros gotta lake on his spread out niu way gotta a couple of the 3 foot sterile asian dont eat flies pets gonna floss one of them bitches someday
that time of year
my work day is kinda dependent on somebody pressing buy now and a warehouse full of overhead finding a new home
see as were at a new record of 242 days without a frost i aint to surprised skiing equipment aint flyin out the door
so the 6am to noon im gonna cut labor costs and score another poopquest expedition works for everyone
capre today cause mannna is bringin snow to the valley floor
the duckwhackers are out n force and tween the mudbuddies and jet/airboats most of the waters mucked pretty good
most of the big poopers are maddenly tucked nose first into timber
stuck a couple smaller ones and saw a few tails of the ones i want but the sunlight visibiity window fades as they seem to become more active
finally stuck a mirror
so the old man gots inducted to the just formed utah flyfishin halls of fame last night and seein hows i convinced him the whippystick was worth the effort i should show up
this dude shows up and gives a presentation on flyfishin thru midlife crisis
i so fuckin didn't needs to know about no golden mahseers
nor them being members of the poopfish family
or willingness to eat flies
fkna how the hells am i gonna up my poopfish bucketlist to include this nonsense, stay married and pull that shit off?
i gots an idea but it doesnt involve skiing everyday till the snow melts.
bummers i am
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By Lando
I'm in...............wives are overrated.
By Willi
fishskibum wrote:i so fuckin didn't needs to know about no golden mahseers
nor them being members of the poopfish family
or willingness to eat flies

There are some surprisingly cheap float trips in India for Mahseers and others. Mentioned it to a few friends with no interest. Think it would be a VERY cool trip for a lot of reasons.

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By BigCliff
Found a couple willing to play last time out. A cold front tried to fling shit on my first fishing day out in a while, but I made do.

This one was tight to the bank on the upwind side, and I had to do some ninja shit to get to it.
IMG_3750.JPG (1.15 MiB) Viewed 1098 times
I've caught heavier carps, but none have run further. Dude ran me off the bank, 50yds out into the river, and around an island before hitting net. Landed it and instead of being fat or tall, this one was sorta lean but thicker towards the tail than most. Kinda more like DeMarcus Ware than Prince Fielder, I suppose.

This next pig was the polar opposite in terms of fight- also hooked in real close, but it never got more than 30' away from me. That was good, because if he'd run to the left, it likely would have been snapped off quick in the brush.
IMG_3755.JPG (1.21 MiB) Viewed 1098 times
Fat carps are fun.
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By Obie
6881537757_13936dee1a_b.jpg (245.27 KiB) Viewed 996 times
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By fishskibum
that time of year
do i wanna keep skiing good shit like the sharks fin chute
in what is our most bountiful season since 2010
show up at a bake with homegrown mnt hippie garden goodies
or deal with the damn poopfish that i been dreamin bout
headed down to a go to
pegged one from shore fore
i even fired up the big red sup
skitterish and a lot of pods of fuck me exiting spooked wakes
found a few willin to eat mostly tailing heads down in the muck
threw at a big ole tail and muck boil
came out with a little mirrors
hit the pipe cause well yeah its a poopfishin thing
negative contact in whats ussually a target rich enviorment
stuck a nicer mirror
headed up north yesterday morn before work
my poopfish back waters a class 1 with sweeper consequences at this point
gonna be an interesting spring
but ya take ullrs blessings and a water excess for what its worth
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By Lando
Atta of my ponds cleared the other day while the other is still frozen. I am jealous.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Down to about a month here. Can't come soon enough. Saw a few catatonic carp in what must have been a warm spot last week when it was warm here. Accidentally sat a dumbbell eyed fly right on top of one's head. It just sat there with this little furry fez on. :coffee Didn't spook, sure as hell didn't try to eat it.
IMG_2512.jpg (550.01 KiB) Viewed 785 times
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
fishskibum wrote: headed up north yesterday morn before work

Wait work ?

I'm having a hard time grasping that man.
I seriously thought you just did cool stuff all the time kind of like being cool was your job.

I'm struggling now.
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