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By fishpimp
Dibs I don’t know how the fuck you catch those bastards on the dyke but... :cool
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By fishskibum
it aint the bestest
probably a 30% eat ratio
aint many biguns
although ive been seein em once ya hook their bros
took the bike a dyke route yesterday
well till the goatheads took the air out
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By Lando
I finally got a day off....fed about a dozen in two hours of less than ideal conditions.

I got this goofy one....I think some huge fisherman gave him herpes.
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Can’t wait to see you Dibs.
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By fishskibum
seein hows we never manage to poopfish at the luau im takin jose tuesday fore we even leave the state
may just let him the row the hog on the bear a bit too
the fact that ya can gets em with 3' of -2x of buttleader and pink and green salt flies ya buy cheap by the dozen at calbelos in the big bins ya gotta sort through
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makes it good poopfish teefer cuttin water
im sure hagen will be to busy packing
floated bout 8 miles worth last fri
bout 2 or 3 eats per mile
IMG_7858.JPG (87.6 KiB) Viewed 303 times
finnally saw some others crafts on the water
IMG_7858.JPG (87.6 KiB) Viewed 303 times
got a nice mirror in front of them
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teach me your ways :bow

Next year I must make this average journey to the luau.

Poops have been giving me the finger all summer.
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By fishskibum
Summertime and the livings easy-
Bradley Nowell



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