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who has this on their sig. whoever it is i remember reading they had some available for sale. I want to get some for my local shop, who is within 20 miles of the PA. store, and of course my car :coffee
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By Pat
wasnt me, I stole it. but heres the thread, and a link to where you buy them. seems expensive at $4 a pop, but there you go.

Toot toot. Is that the sound of my own horn again?
I did a peice on Bass Pro and Cabela's invading Canada.
I found some good reasons why to choose local shops over big box stores. ... p?f=6&t=85
with help from the anti big box store grassroots movement in America.
With regards to the Fly Fishing Community I think Buster puts it best.
Corporate Fly Fishing Still Sucks.
They have some great graphics to illustrate this point.
shunned wrote:rack off, mate.
ha ha...... :cool
Fuck your local fly shop. They're probably a bunch of drunken assholes that talk about where they wanted to stab you the second you leave the front door. :cool

You should see how many people come into the shop and show us their reel... the convo goes like this :

Me - "Where did you get this rigged up?"

Them - "Cabela's/Bass Pro/Wherever."

Me - "There's no backing and the line is put on backwards."

Them - "Can you fix it for me? (While I buy nothing and I smear mud all over the floor because I haven't taken my wading boots off in days because I am the best fishermens ever)"

Me - "Sure, gimme a minute. Left or Right Hand Retrieve?"

Them - "Yes"

Me - "OK (I am going to stab you in the thigh)"
Yep. And it's most likely a Cabeal's reel and Orvis wonderline. And they'll be pissed if you charge them anything. People call our shop and want flies, but they don't know what, for where they're fishing, So we do some research and pick some flies out and put them in an inexpensive flybox and ship it to them, and they'll call back and be pissy that they didn't get the price-per-dozen discount OR the flies didn't work. Well fuck me runnin'...sorry.
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