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Spudnik wrote:Fuck your local fly shop. They're probably a bunch of drunken assholes that talk about where they wanted to stab you the second you leave the front door. :cool

You should see how many people come into the shop and show us their reel... the convo goes like this :

Me - "Where did you get this rigged up?"

Them - "Cabela's/Bass Pro/Wherever."

Me - "There's no backing and the line is put on backwards."

Them - "Can you fix it for me? (While I buy nothing and I smear mud all over the floor because I haven't taken my wading boots off in days because I am the best fishermens ever)"

Me - "Sure, gimme a minute. Left or Right Hand Retrieve?"

Them - "Yes"

Me - "OK (I am going to stab you in the thigh)"
BWA! :smile Troof. "Oh, and can you show me that blood knot again?"

And what's really ironic is that most of these folks go to Cabelas/Bass Pro/Dillweed's Enormous Box of Crap because they think they're going to save a buck. Wake up - the big boxes aren't allowed to sell Simms or Sage or Fishpond for any less than your local shop is, and the chances of you actually finding someone in one of those stores who has any idea of what they're talking about is about 1% if yer lucky.

So chances are you're not saving anything, and getting lousy customer service on top of it. That's what's known as the "Dumbass Tax," son.

The Buster logo looks crooked Hammer.
BigTimber wrote:The Buster logo looks crooked Hammer.
Yeah I know. Every time Wookie leaves the BWTF corporate office he slams the door and knocks that thing off-kilter. He can't help it - he's just a big lug. Now we just leave it that way. One less thing to do.
Thanks Smithhammer I love that graphic.
I had my $5 Can ready to go to buy it from your blog but our $ went south so I bought a coffee at Starbucks.
Hope I can scrounge up some more cash I want that for my car.
screw cabelas stickers on order. thank you everyone :coffee
Glista wrote:
SageBrush wrote:
shunned wrote:rack off, mate.
ha ha...... :cool
Come on now Sage. castingoutloud is one of your fellow cunuckistanie’s.
Oh yeah.........we are so proud of that.
Bobs up for the Order of Canada....... :coffee
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