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By AftonAngler
steelhyde wrote:
AftonAngler wrote: Image
That'll be fun to sort. Be sure to save some for me since I never did get those swap flies. I'll take some feathers and tail in exchange. Thanks.

You swinging through here still?
Don't you remember...that swap had a clause...biggest whiner pussy had to donate his share to a cause...


Yup...still swinging through. Be down there New Years Eve. Have some feathers and btail in tow...grab yer share while it's fresh!

I'll be staying at BigPikeMikes...we should have some bruws :Roll Eyes

remember this one?

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By steelhyde
I'm not whining, simply pointing out the obvious.

And yes, that was the fish that came in after the boat-side rod breaking cluster fuck followed up by the monster bite off...And I did cry a little in the back of the boat right before that fish came to hand.

Beers fer sher.

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By nfishl
AftonAngler wrote:Nice work Fuzz! Way to get on the board :Roll Eyes

This kind of stuff makes my hair stand on end!

Awesome shot.
Only six short months away. :bomb
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By AftonAngler
News Flash

Saturday, March 24th, 2012 - First Annual Musky Fly Fishing World Championship - East TN

Hosted by Towee Guide Tested Skiffs

Details will follow...surely will be a dang good time! Close time and proximity to the White River Bake!! :cool

Personally I have yet to catch a southern musky...but have been in the boat for two...

Party Boy got this one in North Clackalacky last spring...

:Roll Eyes

Be there or be rectangular!

By Maniac
This sounds like a great idea & a great time!! Unfortunately for me I will not be there on the 24th, but I will be hitting it hard in the first 3 weeks of March. My door/couch/bunk-beds/boat are fair-game for good folks (I live & guide in Johnson City), especially if yer good people and/or can row; hope to meet all you Drakians (except for that one guy that ran into my boat/Kyle's truck) and look forward to fishing & hangin with yous guys!!
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By FinChaser
I had a good year last year on the fly. Finally caught double digit numbers of fish on the fly and started to get a better understanding and approach for how to go about doing this whole thing. I personally landed 14 last year all on the fly. Some of you who I keep in contact with got to share in my stories of victory and defeat while others didn't. For that I apologize to the board. I plan to try and keep you all in the loop this year on how things are going.

Sunday before last was my first shot at these thing for the new year. Good flows and great air temps and I loaded the boat and headed out.

2 fish caught by me and my fellow angler. 2 fish hooked and shook off and we were followed by 7 or 8 other different fish. A pretty good start to the new year ! I am far from ever understanding these creatures and their behaviors but I do know that every time I go out and fish for them I fall back in love with it. It's addicting and has almost completely consumed my fly-fishing being.... but I am not complaining. So of you who have done it know the feeling and understand where I am coming from, and for the rest of you all I can say is get out there and do it ! Call me, PM me or email me. Seriously I am always looking for someone to go.

Cheers to 2012 fellas !




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By kamikaze74
cant wait till the muskie it the 24th yet!..hey AA hopefully the water will be in better shape this time.
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By AftonAngler

Spam bump...there are now 31 anglers signed up...looks to be a good time in the making...I'm in Cali working on a batch of bucktail and feathers...will start tying soon and have been tuning up the body and mind for an assault on the Southern Musky come March!

Really stoked for this event...a perfect time to get back into the musky hunting for the season.

Here is a shot a client sent me this week from VA...last years crop of Primo Tail is still slayin' musky...hopefully this years crop will have similar mojo :Roll Eyes

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