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By TX.
Chidester's on a roll and I think has the bug.

We took an afternoon float, I had four follows (one was the same fish later in the day), w/ one of those being hot, lit up, and flaring....then, as w/ most things muskie, she turned off. I was doing the stab-down and think she saw the rod tip. We saw a few others cruising but couldn't get a follow from them.

...Or maybe he should just quit while he's ahead. Two trips out, see's fish (many) both times, has a follow his first time out...
I'd be on the fence about this one.
I think he'll be getting a big stick.

I'll have a picture to post soon enough :cool
By Chidester
Definitely got the bug. I'm only on a roll cause I got one of the fishiest mofos I know showin me the ropes. I thought chasing big browns on a streamer was a rush, but when a four foot torpedo explodes out of nowhere on your that's just crazy.
Pics to follow.....I hope. :cool
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By mrl0004
Looking forward to the pics. :cool
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By TX.
So today, Chidester, Kyle, and I were gonna do a point A to B float, but since we've got a funky front blowin' in w/ up to 4" of snow in the forecast we took a pass w/ the distance Chidest has to drive and all...
So Kyle and I took the War Pig out for short a jaunt.

Long story short: Kylie DID NOT fall out of the bote.
He did however manage a follow of a fish about 38"...I had two eats in two casts (from probably the same fish), the fish was about twice the size of the fly so I'm guessing 22-24 inches, but it didn't have enough weight behind it to sink the hook, but I know I crossed it's eyes.

We met a couple of Drake lurkers on the water that are afraid to post here cause their TR's would suck, but they were solid dudes, and one of them managed to bring up Kylie's fish again and was freaked that he got a follow on the fly...first, ever.

Good to meet you dudes today, hope you buck up and post an intro, you'll fit in just fine (if you think that's what you want).

...Just another day in the northern south.
I'd rather be gettin' my ass kicked by muskie than trout.
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By Vito
TX. wrote: I'd rather be gettin' my ass kicked by muskie than trout.
Yup. :cool
By Kylemc
Vito wrote:
TX. wrote: I'd rather be gettin' my ass kicked by muskie than trout.
Yup. :cool
No doubt. Thanks for not knocking me out of the bote this time Capt.
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By Fleet Daddy
The MCO boys lit em up......It was a pig Wilhelm...... :bow

Finally figured how to post Nikon non RAW pics

Pig Musky
201.JPG (158.67 KiB) Viewed 557 times
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By pbrstreetgang
I think I recognize that treeline...that's the pond out back of MCO?

nice moosk. gotta love fighting big fish at night.
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By Vito
Great fish, Fleet! I love those emerald green Wisco fish.
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By P-A
Thats a real beuty Fleet!!!
:cool :cool
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By Vito
[report]Haven't made it out in a couple weeks. Not sure if I'll get out again before ice up. Hopefully at least one more muskie outing left in the cards. Here's a few pics from the end of October.

9er came to visit.








We rarely get boatside eats, but every one has come after showing the fish the profile.

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By Walter
so awesome!!! i need to do this - soon.
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