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By Terd Ferguson
Musky was boated today.

Wife's brother in law caught it on a chrome and black redfin. I threw my fly in that hole so many damn times, then my dad calls. Boom. Same hole as the wiggle minnow eat. He had never musky fished before and I showed him the plug to buy and tied his damn leader on.

Fuck me.
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By V Wake
I've had a long dry spell though some exciting days have occurred in recent weeks. Repeated close calls with Terd, Socks, and Chidester this week. Yesterday began with downtrodden spirits as we looked at water gauges. The only day to fish this week and of course the mountains got 3.5" of precip only hours before we were to get on the water. We fished shitty water all morning and decided to drive another hour after lunch to try and get ahead of the mud. At the ramp we saw clear water and soon were fishing. Mid-afternoon fish were sleeping, but at 5:30 the dinner bell rang. 3 hot fish, 0 landed. Socks brought one up on the 8 and worked it for about 30 seconds with no eat. Chidester was robbed when he had a big 45"er explode on the surface, grabbed the fly, and immediately threw it. Emotions and nerves were high. I was soon treated to a big swipe by a low 40"er in fast water that somehow just didn't materialize. We went 0-3 but it could just as easily gone our way. All in good time, although I am heartbroken for Chidester.
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By V Wake

Headed out bright and early to rendezvous with Terd and Eric, another soon-to-be-Drakian friends of ours. We were hopeful for good conditions but knew it was a risk. Regardless, anticipation was high for this float and we were fueled by all the close calls and heart aches that the summer had bestowed.[attachment=10]1-DSCN7105.JPG[/attachment]
We crossed the river and got our first glimpse of the water. High and muddy. We shrugged it off, and like good fishing partners do, everyone stayed upbeat. We slid the boat in, ran the shuttle, made some wrong turns, and finally were on the water by 9:30. I took the oars first and soon Terd was into a nice trophy smallie.[attachment=9]1-DSCN7107.JPG[/attachment]
Alright, that was fun, but not quite what we came to see. After another hour I took the front. Ominous clouds began to set in and it felt like we could get slammed pretty soon. Eric kept me and Terd in good position along a nice bank. As we passed a nice back-eddy Eric put on the brakes so Terd and I could throw up into some timber. I tucked the fly where I wanted it and after a few strips came the hit. Strong hook set, violent windshield-wiper head shakes, and it was game on for the next two minutes. She bulldogged me under the boat for a while and finally came to the surface and started rolling. Terd was on the net and did a great job of sealing the deal. She taped at 41". Finally! I don't feel the list bit entitled, but after several long dry months, this fish was a relief. Couldn't have done it without my wingmen![attachment=8]1-DSCN7110.JPG[/attachment][attachment=7]1-DSCN7113.JPG[/attachment][attachment=6]1-DSCN7115.JPG[/attachment][attachment=5]1-DSCN7116.JPG[/attachment][attachment=4]1-DSCN7121.JPG[/attachment]
We kept plugging away and had several more opportunities that will haunt us. Terd had a huge upper-40's fish explode on the surface and Eric had a very solid mid-40's fish follow and eat, only to throw the hook after a violent jump and role. One more trophy smallie was caught, a flash flood survived, and a nice ride home to end the day. Till next time![attachment=3]1-DSCN7140.JPG[/attachment][attachment=2]1-DSCN7146.JPG[/attachment][attachment=1]1-DSCN7158.JPG[/attachment][attachment=0]1-DSCN7159.JPG[/attachment]
1-DSCN7159.JPG (125.59 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7158.JPG (155.5 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7146.JPG (171.71 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7140.JPG (137.85 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7121.JPG (175.18 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7116.JPG (146.09 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7115.JPG (157.81 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7113.JPG (96.77 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7110.JPG (165.72 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
1-DSCN7107.JPG (143.14 KiB) Viewed 1405 times
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By croaker
Well done gents.

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By Adams
Chucker - Looks like those shots are downstream of the old "grouse guts" spot. Perhaps I'm wrong. . .
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