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By befuddled
V Wake wrote:Douche. Nozzle. Get the fuck over yourself.

You just wish you could catch a Musky.

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By V Wake
I'll start with this. Me and a buddy had an incredible weekend last week. Fished for three days and didn't see a fish, with the exception of one incredible hour-long window. Beats all I've ever seen. First fish was 36', which we were happy about given the water temp was in the mid thirties. Image The second, third, and forth fish were all within several minutes of each other and went 46", 41" and 42" respectively. Crazy blitz!!!




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By marlo
V Wake wrote: AA using the board as a platform for promoting his own guide service or other professional endeavors.
V Wake wrote: kick-ass reports and pics.
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By augustwest
V Wake wrote:Maybe I'm out in left field on this one
Based on my experience with Brad, I think you are.

I've never fished for musky, but I very much want to start in the next year or two. I've been learning as much as I can from this thread and others, as well as other online sources of information, videos, and DVDs, including Brad's DVD. I've contacted Brad by PM for advice on rods, flies, fisheries, etc. He has been very helpful, generously sharing his hard-earned knowledge, and never once has he promoted himself or his guide service to me. In fact, when I mentioned that I grew up near a particular musky fishery in Michigan, he enthusiastically offered to travel from his home in Wisconsin through Illinois, Indiana and across Michigan to meet me fish with me, not guide me....just to help me out as I kick off my musky pursuit. And all at his own expense. In my view, that's not self-promotion, that's dedication.

Like Brad, you've posted some really great stuff on this thread. I look forward to lots more of the same from both of you, and I hope to have an opportunity to hunt musky with each of you someday.
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By befuddled
For those that didn't catch it, my post was complete sarcasm. If V Wake posted every good fish on this thread and had any interest in doing so, he would be the most sought after Musky guide in the southeast. I personally thank goodness he doesn't have any interest in that.

This board has seen maybe 1/10th (probably much less) of the great fish he has caught. And there is a damned good reason for that. He doesn't want a billion other people on the water that he has spent 100's of hours learning.

I don't know Brad from Adam, but have seen a lot of people say how solid he is and I believe it. But it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up to see him on southern waters so close to home. He might not have any designs on setting up shop here in his off-season, but if he does, he is good at taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities available.

Some guys have put in many, many unadvertised hours and frankly don't see him as any particular musky whisperer, and don't want his kind of promotion here. The fishery will be exposed due to loose lips and the internet soon enough, they aren't trying to rush that.

edit to say: that looks pretty harsh in black and white, but again, don't have damn thing against AA.
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By TX.
[report]And for those that missed it.

Befuddled's last muskie trip.

He's still a bit sour:
P1030853.JPG (298.6 KiB) Viewed 1105 times
P1030854.JPG (252.59 KiB) Viewed 1105 times

I'm stayin' out of the rest of this shit.

As a former guide of 15 years.........................OK, I'm just stayin' out.

Personally, I'm just jacked that this thread has made it 219 pages, 147 THOUSAND page views. Brad and Knox were both a part of it. And because of it all, there's a lot of guys that have thrown it up here that never even had the notion to chase these things before reading this shit.

It is what it is.
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By Terd Ferguson
Never met AA, but Knox is my damn boy. There probably doesn't much more solid than Knox as a dude and as a musky guy. Ive tried for quite sometime now to get him in the carp game, but he won't waste a second that he could be chasing musky. He does some crazy shit in my opinion, but it works for him.

AA has done a ton for the sport with flies, pics, vids, and shit. Mad Props to him. He really has done a ton and he is a hell of a musky buster.

AA is a guide, Knox is an angler. Both approach the board slightly differently and both catch fish. Just different people.

In conclusion, Knox is a crazy motherfucker, but he is my damn boy.
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By bullship
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Maybe we should start a new thread " musky wars "

Kind of like an old school rap battle .

I totally get what you are sayin vwake but you may just be seeing it the wrong way.

I think both you guys are solid and whoe be unto the fishes if y'all ever teamed up.

Different personalities express enthusiasm in different ways.

I personally hope neither one of you stop sharing your stuff and thank both of you for the encouragement you have given me in my efforts.
It's February.
My sentiments exactly
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By Vito
Damn I'm sick of winter. Still over 2 months until the season opens. Watching videos from my brother's gopro to get me through.

Some that hit the net.

And a few missed opportunities.

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By AftonAngler
First off - good to see some stuff from Vito! Missed you on here!!

Next - I appreciate the kind words - both on and off the forum :cool

This musky(Muskie) thread has over the years become the defacto source for all things musky fly fishy. As TX pointed out nearly 150 thousand hits! Great!

I've mainly enjoyed using it as an un-censored way for me to share my world.

I've stepped on my dick a time or two here over the years! Honestly my mouth and frankly my honesty on this forum have cost me dearly in my professional career over the years. I've had high profile rod endorsement contracts taken away last minute due directly to THIS VERY FORUM. Many doors have been shut for me industry wise due to my outspoken and rogue nature here.

Big deal! I can say that I just keep on keeping on being AA. I have not ever had to suck dick to get where I'm going...and I'm happy for it. If some company sees fit to close off their pro staff to me based upon my being Real...I say fine! Ultimately I'd rather be true and Me and be able to walk tall, walk proud than to be affiliated with some firm who is more interested in being Politically Correct and using less controversal and passionate personalities.

Same goes for potential clients! To me - this place is the best no holds barred place to showcase things. If I've turned folks away from hiring me with my antics on Teh Suck I'm actually greatfull. I'd rather not endure those kind of clients...they are better off hiring some other guide.

In reality this is a great public service! Both to client and guide;)

I will say that I've have the honor AND privilege over the seasons of hosting hundreds of AWESOME fishy souls who have found me through this musky thread!! These are exactly the kind of human beings I'm interested in showing my backyard to :cool

I also want to give a heart felt Thanks to all you weasel dick lurkers out there who have attempted to ankle bite me and subvert my reputation over the seasons! You little fuckwads know who you are!! Yup, I can tell y'all are out there...I know EXACTLY where several of you sorry assed fakes are at sitting behind your little computer screen being all offended by my actions and accomplishments...

Yes! A hearty and honest THANK YOU!! For the understanding that I have to conduct my career with the likes of you out there has forged me into a much better angler, guide and Human Being! I can't say I've always enjoyed it...but you know what? Having critics the likes of you has ultimately served me so well!

You've shot all your little rocks and arrows. The dust settles...and I pick myself up by the boot straps and look around and you know what? Is THAT all you got?


So I do understand the Catch22 type situation that some folks like VWake might get all bent up about...thinking I'm only self-absorbed and self-promoting 'Douche Nozzle'...

But honestly that is not how I approach my life. I say what I do here is only a mirror. If you hold it up and it bugs with it! Sorry VWake but that's my remedy. This place is about real those who fish - for those who fish!

This will be my one and only rant on this most excellent of threads on Teh Suck apologies in advance for doing so but given the circumstance (and Hey! It's winter and what else have we got to do!!)...I'm gonna lay it out the AA way...

This is a public forum. But a private crew! We earn the privilege of posting not only here on this thread with our hard earned fishing results - but in this Greater Treehouse community. There is nothing else out there like this place...cyber space nor printed space! There is only one Suck and I for one am very proud to be a contributing member!

True I walk the line of posting up my 'professional' results here and that does bother some folks. Shit! You know what? Who else is out there feeding themselves by their own hand? I'm not a subsidized house kitty...I'm a full on feral wild cat...I don't hunt I don't eat!

There is no fall back job! There is no trust fund!

No - I do this for my fucking choice! It's not a weekend hobby. It's not my part time way of keeping up my pro deals to get discounts on gear. I've got no sugar momma!!

So VWake I sort of understand where you might be coming from. But I think you are way off base. And I think you fucked up! You have messed with my livelihood. If you were as real and gritty and about fishing as you promote your 'full time student' ass as being you'd get it better. You would understand that guys like me are dirt bag poor mostly.

There is a reason I drive 1988 vintage vehicles, why I have to pay cash for a dental visit or going to the Doc. I Fish because I'm the kind of guy who just can't hack it any other way in life. This is my way...and the last time I looked NO ONE is out there yelling about my business.

So yes, I'm guilty of using this platform to duelly share my fishing passion as well as hang my shingle. And I will continue to do so unabashedly and full of piss, bourbon, weed, moxie and excellence! Until someone bigger and badder kicks me out of the tree fort - that is the way of this place.








So I'll tell you what VWake...

First I'm going to give your full time student ass a bit of professional advise - be careful judging fellows you don't know. You've insulted me and pissed in my place of work...without knowing me personally. You should use this as a lesson...bad move.

Secondly, I'll invite you personally to actually get to know me as an angler. Come on up to the Monkey Country Bake this spring. Be my guest! If you still think I'm a Douch Nozzle after being around me...then guess what - you can call me out properly and I might actually give a fuck;)

Peace and Grace!

Yer Pal


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