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By TX.
Gawd, I highjacked my own thread...
I just went w/ the the LxG2/ I don't know how much she weighed...but I do know the length and girth was taped and witnessed.
And the fish swam away.
By Kylemc
Shout out to Ramseytown! :cool
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By fatman
Chacofunk wrote:Hey fellas. Franzen and Socks told me to get on here said y'all were cool. Anyway still trying for musky #1. Getting tons of fuckin follows but no eats yet. So I'm not sleeping, and when I do, I have reoccurring dreams that I take people who don't fish out on my boat, and they catch the hell out of them.
do you have a recurring dream of dying in a fire? :wink

seriously, read this: ... =1&t=21108
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By franzen
Chacofunk wrote:Well that makes sense now fatman. I wish there was a suck my dick emoticon. But if there was I wouldnt use it. Cuz thats what geeky little vaginas do.
Make with an intro dude. And really? You're gonna take a jab at fatman?
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By Crick Addict
Chacofunk wrote:Sorry fatman and franzen. You jab me I jab back. My name is john and im a dickhead. Im a guide in asheville for smallmouth and trout. I fish alot. When I work at my desk job, I mess around on forums to meet new people to fish with. And to bitch. and be a dickhead.
No excuses...we don 't give two squirts about your guiding job.
Do the thing or gtfo...dickhead.
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By TX.
Thanks for fucking up the thread, cunt.
How bout you delete all your nonsense and start over.
By Kylemc
You know how you can tell a guide? Don't worry, they will tell you.
You know how you can tell a guide? Don't worry, they will tell you.
hahahahaha that is awesome. I can always tell how bad a Maine guide is by how many stickers ,hats and pins they wear !!!
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