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By Aguirre
Gorgeous fish.
Those things are so badass.
Looks like you wade fish for em? That'd be crazy.
I like crazy. :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes
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By steelhyde
TX. wrote: So:
1: Castable
2: Strong
5:No extended grip.
I have used a shit pile of different rods over the years for this game and for whatever reason, one rod rules them all - TFO TiCr #10. It just flat out performs for what I need and I can fight off a black bear with it if one so decides to wander into my camp. They've discontinued it (of course) but there are enough floating on fleabay for all of us.

My close second choice is the Scott Muskie-Pike Special. First, I was given the rod for free, which helped me be at ease with the price tag. Second, the rod really does lay it down. It's much more enjoyable to cast than any rod I've used. Drawbacks - It does, at times, lack the back bone needed when I'm throwing a 400gr Streamer Express with a double deer hair mess. I will not use it to cast a triple. I've also broke it on average of about 1.4 times a season. Once on a fish but mostly due to me using the tip to unhook my fly from a wood pile. It's fragile. The extended rear grip is kinda cool but not necessary.

I can't stand the less than 9 foot rods. They're just stupid. With that said, I've only fished the Ross FlyStick. It was horrendously bad.

I fished AA's 11 foot Beulah surf thing with him last day of the season. I thought it was a bit overkill but I didnt give it a chance.
By Kylemc
TX. wrote:
InTheDrift wrote:
I'll stick with my Echos for now.
I had an Echo 1 10#, it was a cannon, badass stick, and castable. I landed a 130# tarpon on it w/ no issue.
Kyle inherited that got broke in a car door, they sent him the new model. Not even close to the same rod, I think he cried a little.
For the record, that particular rod did not get broken in a door. I broke it striper fishing(not on a fish though, shitty cast where lead eyes smacked the tip, snapped 2 cast later.) They replaced it with the ION, I love the flat grey blank and was tickled shitty that they sent it to me. I then cast said ION then proceeded to cry a little. I liked the 1 a lot better. I did get it back in about 2 weeks though which was sweet!
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By Tailer
TX. wrote:So:
1: Castable
2: Strong
5:No extended grip.
Interesting rod discussion here. Sounds a lot like the type of rod I need for snook/tarpon in potholes in the Park. I fished five different #10's this past year down there. Broke three of them, though they usually break in the canoes. Get caught on tree branches, stepped on, etc. As far as I'm concerned there is no match for the older Pro1 as far as balance between fish fighting and cast-able. I love mine, but I hate Loomis cork. Really wish I could get a hold of a blank and build my own.

I'll add one request to the list, but strictly for my own selfish, salty purposes. Offer a one-piece. Please?

By youghriverguide
I have always hated shorter fly poles, but I've been thinking that a shorter stick for musky might be in order. I feel like an 8' would be easier to move through the casting stroke, and given the fact that I'm fishing from a boat, and fishing sinking lines most of the time, any distance issues are non-issues. So maybe I'm a retrad, but put me down for the shorty.
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By Vito
steelhyde wrote:I can't stand the less than 9 foot rods. They're just stupid.
Well thats not very nice. I haven't used as many 9-11wt rods as yourself I'm sure, but so far, the 8'3" 10wt predator is the easiest casting/fishing rod I've used. Its not the most powerful rod I've used, but overall, it is the least amount of work. The biggest flies I've fished on it are in the 17" range, but those were definitely pushing the limit. Anything 14" and under is pretty easy.

I've tried a couple other 9 footers, and while I do like them, they are more work for me. Could just be my casting/fishing style. I would still prefer to have a 9 footer I love for a few reasons where extra length would be beneficial. I just haven't found one I like better than the 8'3 10wt predator yet, but I'm looking.
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By ncguy
Can we even use the 'S' word on here?
Vito how to you feel about figure eighting with the 8'3" rod? I ended up getting the 9' 10wt predator but I thought the 8 footer might be more durable.
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By FatDrunk@Stupid
Aguirre wrote:Gorgeous fish.
Those things are so badass.
Looks like you wade fish for em? That'd be crazy.
I like crazy. :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes
We've tried to wade for them when we pass through riffles - still waiting on that strike, which would be effing sweet! These pics were taken where we were lucky enough to be able to get out of the raft to release them.
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By Ramcatt
i'm speaking from casting... not catching
my style is that of few false casts and falling over

TFO Clouser10wt and Axiom were both fun
stiff in the ass, Clouser was a bit looser in the tip
the clouser is heavy in the hand, but with a belgium/shooting/dynamic style you can min the time you are waving it around

Hardy 1pc- sintrix proaxis (whatever its called)
Had this out for like 7days in the fall. in hand it feels too light and too soft.... but its the shit and think it will be killer once i get a fish on it. it will fall apart at bit if you try to carry too much or too big... but on the 8wt i was casting big foam poppers and double bucktail shit- serious flies i thought needed a 10wt is really fun to cast

Beulah blue waters
These have only been at shows in the casting ponds afterhours... they are fucking cannons
13/15wt paired with an SA 14wt line... 2 back casts to clear it
it is a serious stick... only shooting line in the backcast, bucause i can't clean up when shooting on the forward

the lighter one was super nice as well
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I have 3 rods that I love... A 9 wt Winston biix and a 10 wt biiix, light responsive and have a generous amount of power when mustered. I think I'll need a 11 or 12 wt this year, But I haven't fished the SX's yet. The BEST all around value that gives the bii 9wt a run for it's money is the Ross FS 9 wt. I picked up the ross for a backup boat rod and for friends that don't have heavier gear, I spent a lot of time fishing the Roos instead of the Winston. But keep in mind I usually fish moderate sized flies for tiger musky, ostly in the 6-9'' range... The double-triple articulated trendy mamagammers just don't produce for me given the tigers staple is baitfish under 9''.

Also on a side note I don't really "like" shorter rods for casting, but you can do some special things to a topwater or weightless flies fished in the top 2' of the water column with the shorties. I've got a couple Ross Flystiks and trust me, they don't suck as bad a Hyde makes them sound, they just feel and act like a shorter rod.
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By FredA
Two in my collection seem to stand out from the rest... the beulah blue water 10/11 and the sage largemouth. The beulah, at 9 foot, as others have stated is a canon. And it's one I can cast big stuff (10-14" for me) all day long. I've not yet gotten any big girls with it but it got the flies out there. And I love the sage bass rod. Hands down my favorite rod to cast... lightweight and slower action. (Even if it is stupid... the short rods have their place) On summer wade trips this rod is great and it's handled big flies and big fish easily for me. I'd probably go one up and get the peacock model for a bit more power if it weren't so damn ugly. Oh and I really wish Redington still made the CPS... I'd love to find one of those 10wts.

I've also got an el-cheapo Albright XX that casts very well with their 10wt int line. I thought that rod would fall to the wayside since purchasing the others but I've always got it ready to go when in the boat. Albright?!? Did I really just mention them?

Tailer, I had a 9'6" Loomis something-or-other 10wt I used for a while for musky. I hated the cork too. Or maybe it was the shape of the grip. Either way, I was only good for about a half hour with that stick and my arm and elbow were shot. Sure hope that gheybayer that bought it has arms like our very own mr. blumpkin.
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By Lando
X 2 on the Ross plug.
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