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By steelhyde
Ok - maybe I was harsh about the short sticks. My blanket statement should be taken with a grain of salt. The FlyStik didn't tickle my fancy. Your results may vary. I know nothing about the other shorties on the market.

One thing that has surprised me about throwing huge flies on heavy shooting heads is this - cheaper rods out perform the high dollar sticks. Lots of those fancy rods can present a tiny tarpon toad on a floating line great. Put an overweighted line and a more oversized fly and they get wobbly. There are some exceptions but for the most part I think that's true.
By Crotalus
I'm still trying to hook my first musky, had a few follows last year. Still not sure how I am going to land one in a kayak. Caught the musky/pike bug last spring watching the Backyard in Nowhere trailer at the Somerset show. Started tying flies and buying bigger hooks. Didnt get started on the water until too late in the summer and the water was pretty warm. We rented some property along a river for our trailer in July. Found out we had a good sized one living across the river that we nicknamed Morty, he would turn and watch us float by in about 3 feet of water. Looking forward to starting earlier in the spring this year.

This is the best thread here, the thong thread is a close second but thongs can be found all over the interwebs while this thread contains invaluable knowledge.

Keep it up to all the guys catching and good luck to the rest of us.
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By TX.
Personally I like shorter sticks in most scenarios...I fish an 8' for Skies, 7'6" for reds and smallies (same rod).
9's fit the bill for me for tarpon and nymph fishing...

Short rods will stuff a 10" fly into an otter's asshole...But that's the kind of water I fish. I need something short and tight
...So I guess where this is going is, are the rods that are currently on the market cutting it for muskie fishing? In your opinion, or does there need to be a rod built for all day casting and still being able to rip a fish out of timber?

WAY more feedback so far than I thought there'd be.
(Hopefully a TR on Wednesday to get this thread back to fishing)
By Kylemc
TX. wrote: (Hopefully a TR on Wednesday to get this thread back to fishing)
Wait, What?
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By TX.
Chidester and I got out for a few hours this afternoon...
Started off w/ a bang w/ a mid-forties fish slamming my fly in the first five minutes of fishing...
You're not gonna see any pix cause she came unbuttoned after about the tenth head shake.
Bad mojo to get an eat that early in the game.

Chidester then had a pretty hot follow, but he had something more important to look at than his fly (squirrel, bird?), needless to say the deal was not sealed.

Then I managed one more follow that lost interest but gave me enough time to throw a few different flies at her.
We ran in to a buddy on the water, he had put one in the "8" and it lost interest.
Right before dark I managed to scope a fish laying on the bottom, we cast to her for close to ten minutes, she was on full lockdown.
That's about the nut of it. Two follows and an eat, zero to hand :coffee
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By Transylwader
TX. wrote: Chidester then had a pretty hot follow, but he had something more important to look at than his fly ( bird?), needless to say the deal was not sealed.
I don't know too many decent looking birds along that stretch (what were you looking at Choda?), Kyle do you?
Well played lads. :cool
By blue ridge angler
I have been getting out here, and there..Mostly on the musky hell that is my local lake..
I have found multiple large food sources, but no toothy sightings..Not surprising considering my track record..
2 years without my first..If you don't have to work for it, it ain't worth doing I guess..
By Kylemc
Transylwader wrote:
TX. wrote: Kyle do you?l
Come play Tranny...PUSSY!.........
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By AftonAngler
Bump's been a spell. I hear tell things in the dirty south are all blowd up recently. :smile

Oh well - best to restock the musky box and sharpen those hooks :Roll Eyes

I finally got my southern musky jinx fixed just before New Years :cheer

And followed it up with a better beast...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE VIRGINIA...bleeding heart that I am;)


This fella put me onto some cool ass stuff! He's a keeper.


Plus I like his taste in veehickals


I'm going back...musky and other stuff has my interest...


I'll be seeing some of you out there on the trail! Beers on You...Primo Tail is on Me!

Happy New Year Amigos!

By Yiman
Nice southern Muskies! :cool

I like rain and all, but we need a bit of a break. Maybe the rivers will settle down a bit...
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