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By Kylemc
I use 80# not that it has fucking mattered :bomb
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By Tailer
I personally have a strong aversion to wire. You can do what I do for Wahoo, which should be plenty for Musky. 60# Flouro to the fly line. 16# class. A few feet of 60# as a chafe guard, then 12" or so of 150# Flouro to the fly. Put a loop in the first section of 60# for attaching to your fly line. Attach the 150# to teh fly with a crimp (good luck tying a knot in that shit). Connect everything else with sleeves made of JB Hollow Core a la wind-on leader.
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By Hogleg
Killer shot there newschool
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
Thanks men, got some 80#. Now I am working on my boat getting ready for the days when my rivers aren't blown out by these rains!! :roll: :roll: :oops:
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By TX.
I had no problem turning over my leader and straightening out my fly at distances in excess of 80 feet.
Pffft. In a 50 foot wide stream, from the middle...with trees. Sounds like a used car salesman to me.
....and a 32" muskie isn't even gonna strain a 6 weight.


Check UPS on shipping for a 9 foot item, they rate it by the pound, it'll cost more than the rod IMO.

Nice fish BTW NSN.

I use 80#, but w/ a modified circle hook, always in the corner of the mouth...Always.
I've pulled a few out, but the ones I stick are stuck...Had some chafing after a few fish, but never a bite through.
But then, I'd rather get the eat and a bite through, than not get the eat at all.
But that's just me.
The eat is where it's at.
The fight 99% of the time; meh, big catfish.
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By Vito
TX. wrote:But then, I'd rather get the eat and a bite through, than not get the eat at all.
This is an issue I have with using fluoro that can be bit/chewed through. One, I don't think it matters. They will eat when they want to eat. It could be attached to an anchor rope and they won't care, even with extremely pressured fish. Two, leaving a big fly in a fishes mouth just to get an eat is irresponsible. I'm sure I'll get blasted over that, but I'm just calling it how I see it. Its why I cringe every time I see someone suggest using fluoro under 130#.
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By InTheDrift
Vito: what's your preferred wire and connection to the fly? I know Dahlberg swears by that twist melt thing that he does, but I think I've seen some swivels in your pics before?

I've been a 100lb fluoro guy for a while now and haven't been bitten of yet, but the chance is always in my head. I'd hate to leave a fly in a fish and have really been kicking around the wire idea lately.
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By Vito
I'm a big fan of Surflon Micro Supreme. Its soft and easy to tie with. I've heard good things about the Rio Powerflex Wire Bite. I think they are the same or very similar. I think you'll like the softer wire materials. You definitely get better action to the fly compared to heavy fluoro.

I started using a snap last season (no swivel). Just easier to change flies, and not have to change the length of my bite leader every 2-3 fly changes.
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By Adams
Go with flouro and use steelhyde's method ganked from the tarpon dudes using stretchers - pre-rig your flies with a section of flouro and tie a loop onto the end. Its easy to swap out flies - just use a loop to loop connection. No wasting of flourocarbon (although you'd think that a guy who worked for SA wouldn't let that get out. . .).

Screw wire, swivels, and snaps.
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