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By chadroc
that is a great legacy passed down from your grandfather. really nice to read and the photos are great too. i like it.
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By Terd Ferguson
Banner day today. I totally dropped the ball 3 times today; one of the times was a eat on a figure 8 by a mid 40's fish, followed by a Bill Dance esque hook set, resulting in a broken leader, resulting in a rod coming backwards with such great speed the front two sections flew off into the great abyss.

One was caught however, buddy landed a mid 30's fish. Pics will follow
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By MaineDrifter
Hell yes Slapshot, congratulations on the fish !
Great photos
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By V Wake
Hey Slap, beer raised to your success with the muskies, but even more so for you taking up where your grandfather left off. Sounds like we had similar influences. I grew up going to bed with granddad telling me stories of massive fish that would eat his smallies while bringing them in. He also had a mount that drove my imagination wild. Great photos and report.
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By slapshot
Thanks all. V Wake, those were the best stories. We just gotta make sure we keep them going. :cool
By Kylemc
Finally! Hero shots because I'm so damn handsome.



Needed a smoke, and a foot shot for D-Nymph

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By slapshot
Well done homie. Well done.
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By TX.
Kylemc wrote:Finally! Hero shots because I'm so damn handsome.
BTW Kyle, It's been four years and two months since you first slung the 10# for 'em :cool
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