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By TX.
Photo uploader fucked up ...again.
By Kylemc
Damnit Scott!
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By Vito
A fish from last summer...because it's winter and winter sucks.

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By Socks
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By vaku
Well, Sucks beat me to uploading! After 4-5 years of trying, I finally caught my first musky. We laughed we snuggled, we cried a little. Then I gave thanks to the musky gods in the form of Buffalo Trace. She was old and dumb and went 43 inches on the tape measure. I didn't punch her. She swam away annoyed. I always said if my first one was over 45 inches I would never fish for Musky again..... Thank dog she was a little short.

Sucks celebrated too-
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By TX.
Nice work!
Glad I didn't come have beers w/ you, I 'like to stay a little closer to home when I drink these days.
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By FredA
Page 3?! Unacceptable.

Friday morning fun started promptly at 7:33. Four players and done by 8:45.
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By augustwest
I had the good fortune to fish with Vito’s brother today, for the first time but hopefully not the last. He is a very excellent guy.

And when the musky came from under the boat and grabbed my fly on the figure eight I might have had an opportunity to fight it had I not been busy pooping my pants instead of setting the hook.
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