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By woolly bugger
kickass report and photos too
By Articulated Trico
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By Kyner
Glad you enjoyed our fine state. Don't pay too much attention to all those dead trees. You did good, great photo's :cool
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By Lando
Great photos.........thanks.
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By PbSlinger
That's a tasty brew that ol' Doug Odell brews, isn't it? Way to go with the cutts! I like the Behnke Slam term. That'll stick with me.
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By leadoverdistance
Artful report.......... Artful. That high lonesome skinny water with big views is classic stuff.
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By flymph
Another masterpiece! Phenomenal report and pics. Well played.

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By Oldog
Beautiful Report - Thank you

WVangler and German Brown fishing together -

That makes for some really nice photos of beautiful places, and some top shelf work with the bamboos.

thank you
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By Lenny
woolly bugger wrote:kickass report and photos too
What he said. Fukkin fantastic, super and outstanding! :cool :cool
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