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By capt_gordon
Found these guys in the back of one of my fav creeks that I had not fished in a while due to some jerk off netter. He has not been in there lately so of course, the fish are back. Duh. When we got around to casting to him, the fish rushed it like the shark chasing the waterskier in Jaws 2 then took off so fast it was like a bonefish. About 26 inches. Nice one. Nothing huge but good to be feeling that tug. Saw a bunch more, had another one lunge and miss. Then went to a creek mouth and caught a bunch of ladyfish on the outgoing tide on a 4 wt. Great morning topped off by a wahoo dinner brought to me by a good friend.
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By troutsmack
so do you film the fish, set the camera down, then pick up your rod and catch him? If so, nice work. I watch videos of tailing fish constantly wondering why nobody is casting to them, maybe they're out of casting range when being filmed.
cool vid
By capt_gordon
It's tough to do both at the same time. I have to stop videoing to coach folks too so I always miss the hook up shot.
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