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By Rhyacophila
Wholly Sheet - 622 guest(s) - This MUST be the place to be
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By Wingnut
BJesus this fucking post is still alive, man you guys suck
By No Idea
346, or 345 now. As the name suggests I have no idea what I'm doing here, I have no idea what makes me look at this board. I really have no idea how to flyfish, cereally. I did some fishing with a flyrod for brookies and panfish/bass about 17 years ago when traditional gear became boring, but I hung it up when I moved from Va.n I'm thinking I'd like to pick it up again, but don't know where to start. I inherited a 6w rod from a dead uncle, but I need to figure out a line holder and all the other shit. I travel all over the SE and Mid Atlantic states for work and could easily find time to steal a day here and there between appointments. n I birdhunt and Turkey hunt to keep the monkey off my back.

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By SageBrush
But do you Monkey hunt?
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By Harry Snapper
Why on Gods Green Earth do you still feel dirty even after you sign up?

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