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By fyshnutz
why don't we invite all these people to the party?
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By Wingnut
If they would just buck the fuck up and post something instead lurking there in the dark judging me and whispering at me while pointing I would have a problem with them.
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By Wingnut
I haven't heard much yet I was going to call a local up that way and get the skinny, report to follow.
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By Shane
I'll bet they know.n S
By Deerhawk
Groupiesn Lonley individuals stuck on the Wheel of Life...not remembering how to put their feet down in the dust.n Wana-bee's standing in the shadows wishing that they could have an experience like the ones described here.n Latent Bait-casters who know the true calling in their lives but are to weak to admit it.n Lost souls standing at the door of opportunity.....afraid to knock...n Lurking, moving furtively, persisting in staying, lying hidden, but capable of being discovered... :coffee:
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By creeklover
If Nemo and G&g were to make the board private...then you would have alot of folks register to be able to read the messages. Until then...361.
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