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By coolconman
Originally posted by creeklover:n If Nemo and G&g were to make the board private...then you would have alot of folks register to be able to read the messages. Until then...361.
Now come on, what about all those kids that are just lookin for some boobies and pie? Besides if you start having to register for it, chances are we'd have to wait 6 months to get our usernames and passwords. They'd probably come in the mail with our magazines. :roll:
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By Smithhammer
Personally, I'm afraid of what I might post if I didn't know there were 350-400 anonymous lurkers at any one time keeping me respectable. Cryptic surveillance is an under-rated behavioral modification tool.
By Deerhawk
...An ongoing excersise in our ability to exploit the outer reaches of Free Speech! To literaly "Thumb our Collective Noses" at censorship!n It is at the very root of what our Founding Fathers had in mind when setting forth the protections of the First Amendment of The Bill of Rights! :cool: n Protect your right to Free Speech!!! :roll:
By Bill
The equivalent of an internet nuke strike. We lost a lot of us. It is a day that will live somewhere. I am sure there are more on the fringe like us. We can repopulate the board.
By coolconman
55...they're already streaming back in. Can we build a security fence. I'm afraid these unregistered immigrants are placing too much burden on the system.
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By FliesOnly
Doing the "watching" that Drakians won't do, eh Conman?
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