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How many of you allow your dog to accompany you while wade fishing?My wife and I are about to be owners of a Yellow Lab pup and I'd like the dog to come along on future fishing trips.Is it worth the hassle?

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By St. Simon
Was it Gierach that said the thing about trout not living in ugly places? Sooo true.n I'm an animal lover too. My girlfriend has a datchund that is just like our kid or something. I haven't taken him fishin' because I'd bee too worried about a big fish eating him or something. I have thought about getting a bigger dog just for outings like fishing, etc. Carol and I will see a dog and she or I'll say "look, now that'd be a good fishing dog."n However, after thinking about it, I don't think that I'm going to get one for the purpose of serving as a fishing buddy. If you're in the water, I think that the dog is gonna be trying to get to you, thus either barking at you the whole time, or worse, jumping in and trying to swim to you. It's hard enough for me to wade out without spooking the know? I think the dog idea is great if you're just sitting on the bank, or on the boat. Just my thoughts...
By The_Sib
I've had 5 dogs in my life.n 2 were Labs, andn lately, 3 German Shorthaired Pointers.n ( my GSPs think water is ONLY to drink )n Two of my brothers each has a Lab.Labs are water dogs. Can't keep them out !n If you don't mind them scaring the fish, bringn Fido along. If you bring the dog and forbid it to enter the water, that's torture to a Lab.Here in NJ, the roads are almost always close to the streams with lots of traffic - or you hike back in and lately, in northern NJ, we have a Bear "problem". So, I don't take my shorthairs fishing. ( I do take them out frequently for a woodland / field romp - but only when I can devote all my time to watching THEM have fun )
By Brookwookie
My life is filled with labs and lab mixes. They can't be kept from the water, and I'd be wrong to try, therefore I don't take them fishing. If I take them to the lake or out in the canoe, my own enjoyment comes from watching theirs. Fishing can happen later. I'd love a dog that would just hang out on shore while I fished, but I haven't met one yet. Also, I'm a lab person, so I'm sunk on that account.I love GSPs. They're some of the smartest dogs I've ever met, and definitely among the prettiest. I've met a couple that love the water, but what they seem to love most of all is running. Really really fast, far, and often. Sainted wife and I have day jobs, and I couldn't imagine leaving a GSP closed up in a house all day. Labs, OTOH, are happy no matter what.
By hotspur
Meet Mondo. He's four and has been fishing with me since birth--his first expedition was in New Mexico at about four months. He sat on the bank and cried whenever I waded in to fish. At six months, he was ambushed by a boxer and spent one night in the hospital having his wound drained. The boxer leapt from a brush pile and tried to drown Mondo. I swam in and smacked that boxer good across the skull with a five-weight. Didn't damage the rod, but I would have broken six rods to save my Mondo. Mondo goes on every adventure with me, except those where I know I'll be fishing close to a road. He swims when he feels like it, which is only when he's hot. On Bear Creek in Colorado, he proceeded to jump into every pool I wanted to fish. He can spot trout and as a puppy used to dive for them. It took him three trips to figure out he'd never catch one. Most of the time, while I fish, he searches for dead animals on the bank and rolls around in them. And he always sleeps in my tent. (But to Linz's question: I say your fishing will be enriched by your dog. But for him to be a good fishing dog, you gotta take him all the time, and you've got to be patient with him while he learns your expectations.) Image
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by hotspur:n Most of the time, while I fish, he searches for dead animals on the bank and rolls around in them. And he always sleeps in my tent.
Haha. These two sentences go a long way toward describing what it is to be a dog person.
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By Smithhammer
This is Luna (short for Lunatic) showing off her old-school breakdance moves, or rolling in goose shit, take your pick. She's mostly Lab, and I'm agreed with others about not taking her fishing - when I have, she's had a great time, and I haven't caught a thing. Keeping her out of the water is like trying to keep Karl Rove out of backroom politics. Image
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n This is Luna (short for Lunatic) showing off her old-school breakdance moves, or rolling in goose shit, take your pick.
I choose BOTH, thereby lending new insight into Shabba-Doo's choice of monikers.
Keeping her out of the water is like trying to keep Karl Rove out of <strike>backroom politics</strike> JAIL.
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By creeklover
#16956 this is no longer a politic free board. Might have to show off my red state anger :( . <img border="0" alt="[shrimp]" title="" src=[/img]raemlins/shrimp2.gif"> <img border="0" alt="[king]" title="" src=[/img]raemlins/swimmingking.gif">
Thanks for your words of wisdom everyone. The overwhelming consensus is if I want to catch fish, leave her at home. We'll see...
By St. Simon
Please note that keeping her at home doesn't guarantee catching fish either...
By Caneybuff
My dog, Maggie (notice the highly original name) is a glistening sleek black seventy pound mix, half Weimaraner and half Lab, and half child, and half .. wait a sec ... Anyway, since I live on the Caney Fork River she always has plenty of time to get wet, and takes advantage of it, like I take advantage of the fishing windows. The Lab part of her loves the water. And, yes, she loves going fishing with me. Ordinarliy she does fine, tags along, swims across as I wade across as I head up to our favorite chute, and she stays out of the way [/img]ost of the time." She will lie quietly on the bank and watch me fish tho she has little understanding of why I'm there. Sometimes she wanders off to check on the local cows, the deer, or wild turkeys, but she knows her way home if I leave for breakfast before she comes back to me. She will get up to come watch when I hook into a larger fish,(might be because I yell for her to check this one out!) but, if I check her response when I catch a "dink" she is usually yawning. Often, she will sneak off and wait to ambush me with a great show of love on my way out. Out of the tall grass like a wolf, "Surprise Dad! What's for breakfast?" Recently we were up there in a quiet dense morning fog. Sirens out on the highway got the coyotes howling all around us, I mean like 360 degrees around us. That's the only time my brave dog (cough-cough) has ever come out to tread water beside me. When the river behind our place is crowded with week-enders, I leave her in the house, which seems to break her heart and when I get home she pouts until I find the treat bag for her. I have to admit that when she was a pup, she did tend to get in the way and would plunge in and swim across the honey-hole that I was targeting. She's better about obeying me now tho and will usually "stay" on command for me until I give her the nod to go-ahead and jump in. Thanks for the opp to brag about my really great friend. I just read this to her, and sadly she doesn't seem impressed. Okay, where's the treat bag? Found it. She's all happy with what I had to say about her now. If fly fishing is religion, dry-fly fishing is high church.Dan
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