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By Caneybuff
As the local boys says, [/img]ood urn, Smithy!"
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By Nemo
Linz--Sorry to throw a wrench in what seemed to be a concensus here, but I have to disagree that a lab makes a poor fishing companion and that you can't keep one out of the water. Meet Trask: Image
Image Granted, as a puppy, it's a challenge. But I have taken Trask fishing with me for ten years and a little bit of discipline can, in fact, keep him out of the water. I can't imagane not having him along on dozens of drift boat trips over the years. Sure he'll walk down and get in the water a bit when you're bringing a fish in but who cares about that? As to the point that keeping him out of the water is torture for the dog, I say it's not nearly as much torture as not bringing him along to begin with. Also, some non dog-owners just LOVE to blame dogs for "spooking all the fish" when one look at the guy casting tells you that he wasn't going to catch any fish anyway and that a dog in the water is the least of his worries.Bottom line: every dog is different, but my experience over the past decade has been that, not only is it possible, but it's always worth it.
By Caneybuff
Nice post. Maggie loves it. She says, "Come on over and fish with us anytime."
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n pulling Rove into it was uncalled for - after all, aside from the occasional carp, fly fishermen typically aren't interested in bottom feeders.
Blahaha. I was going to claim that it was on-topic for a "Dogs" thread, but that's an insult to dogs.Seriously though, in any discussion of a pursuit in which conservation plays such a large part, I don't know that politics can ever be completely avoided. I pledge to try, but I'm an unapologetic angry yankee smartass with poor self-control and no party affiliation. If I slip, and I probably will, I promise to at least remain non-partisan in my sniping at politicians and other dung-eating organisms. Dammit, there I go again.
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by Dave L: I pledge to try, but I'm an unapologetic angry yankee smartass with poor self-control and no party affiliation. If I slip, and I probably will, I promise to at least remain non-partisan in my sniping at politicians and other dung-eating organisms. [/QB]
:cool: Let's face it, dogs, fishing and what passes for wit in this forum are far more entertaining. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: ImageShe's a great pup, and normally very mellow. I'd be happy as a clam if one day she chills enough around water to take her fishing!
By Brookwookie
Lab/shepherd mix Casey Jones in pursuit of the holy frisbee:
Imagen The frisbee is everything, the center of being, the big milk bone. All things revolve around the frisbee. Do you have the frisbee?
Thanks for your comments Tom, Trask sure is a good lookin' dog. I enjoy reading "his" column in the mag. Tight lines my friend.
By St. Simon
In reference to Trask:n Nemo should have mentioned that Trask is the exception to the rule. Any dog smart enough to have his own column in a very popular fishing magazine should have no problem being a good fishing buddy... :D
By Open Fly
Hate to bring back an old thread, but I cant bite my tongue when it comes to my pup.Ive got a heeler/ border collie mix, named Dally. Shes fished with me since she was born and has been a blessing through out. She has excellent boat manners (better then some of my partners) and does flawlessly along the banks when we wade fish.shes not a water dog, and I believe that helps alot. I wade out and she sits on the bank watching my casts intently. nothing gets her excited more than the click of a fly reel, not even the B A L L.I wouldnt enjoy my trips nearly as much without her. aswell as being a good companion, she also cleans up spills of all sorts, from speghetti to Sam Adams. n god bless em!Edit: forgot to mention, a dogs keen senses are a useful tool in the woods. Shes alerted me to the presence of bears, well before I had any indication. And once when I was sitting on the banks of the N. umpqua tying a new leader up, I saw her suddenly wheel around and look up, I turned around just in time to get out of the way of a head size rock hurtling down the cliff straight for me.also, Ive noticed since I started fishing with her, I dont get crowded as much by other fishermen. Odd that people respect a dogs space more than a mans...

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By ktaylor
Trask is an amazing dog. Besides writing a column for a sucky once-a-year magazine, he apparently even has an exemption to the No Dogs rule for wilderness area travel. Way to go trask, you rock!
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By Jon
Until recently my cousin liked to bring his English setter steelhead fishing (she's getting a little arthritic and the vet says the cold water's not so good for her anymore) She's as good a fish dog as they come. She'd stay out of the water unless a fish was on, and then she would just wade in a little, watching intently as it was landed. I've had more trouble with out of control kids throwing rocks, etc. than with dogs putting down the fish.
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