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By fatman
Bittersweet indeed....

Two of our three are on the downhill slope; one with a bad hip, the other with cancerflu in his leg.
My bionic lab (new knee joint last year) seems to be the only healthy one right now, she can't understand
why the other two can't wrassle and run anymore.

Thanks for the Harrison, fsb, very timely.....
By DanOver
Lost my hunting Labragod to cancer last summer. He was a goodun..
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Couldn’t be without a god, so we rescued this Border Terrorist from the shelter.
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Just got air from a friend our new Braque Francais pup was born Wednesday. I should be able to picke her up in SD in June.. Be good to have a gun dog in the house again.
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The god's comin up on 5 years of teaching me life lessons.

From his perspective this covid shit must be awesome, people always around dropping crumbs and looking for any excuse to take a walk.
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By The Wandering Blues
This is Pete, short for Peterbilt. We got him through a Dachshund rescue when his truck driver owner, apparently, went to prison. We always suspected he had a Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson existence.

He can’t hike for distance. He went dock diving after a bass I released. Once. He’s starting to go a little blind, and he can’t hear for shit. But, he knows his way around a tap room. Hell, he’s been in more craft breweries than most humans could dream about- around 200 from Florida to Washington.

He’s my pal.
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By Bigguy
So WB, you blaming Pete for leading you astray? Just ask in’ for a friend.
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By fly-chucker
Dog dammit, Pete is a Drakian in the truest sense of the word. :cool
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Wieners always attract the ladies [/winkyface]

relates: my ex gf had a mini that would go hiking with us. We got to a lookout point and he spotted some kind of critter below, growling at it from the safety of the high cliff. Didn't think much of it as this was all too common wiener behavior and she and I were, uh, busy. Long story short, he must of slipped (or said fuck it I'm getting that thing and jumped), as it suddenly got quiet. Next thing you know I'm sprinting up the trail to find a way down. Found a little gulley, slip 'n slided my way down and got to the bottom of the cliff. Little guy took a 50 foot shear drop. I could hear him yelping. Im thinking, at least he's alive but he must be mangled. Gf is still up top, hollering at me and guiding me closer to where he might have landed. I get close enough to the yelping and start calling him. This mother fucker comes running out of the brush with nothing but a scratch on his belly acting like, "where you been?". Could not believe it. Lucky fuckin Willy.

Taken a few minutes before the dude learned to fly.
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By The Wandering Blues
LTFI wrote: Sat Apr 25, 2020 12:29 am
This mother fucker comes running out of the brush with nothing but a scratch on his belly acting like, "where you been?". Could not believe it. Lucky fuckin Willy.

Taken a few minutes before the dude learned to fly.
Sounds about right. Pete jumped off our deck one day one story high) in an attempt to get after a ground squirrel that was pissing him off. Small they may be, but in their minds, they’re alpha wolves.
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By flashback
At one time used to get badgers. For their head size they have huge canine teeth, can be very stubborn, I have greatly enjoyed training alongside them with our terriers. Small of stature with big hearts. Also excellent in tracking and finding wounded game animals.
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